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[Database] Blue Gene - Perfect Mutations

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Q - Basic Attacks and R apply Corrosion to enemies. Corrosion duration increases to 3 seconds.



Q - Reduces cooldown to 0.25s at all levels.



R - Allied heroes in a 12u-radius gain Feeding Frenzy for half the current level Lifesteal, Movement Speed, and Weapon Speed bonuses.



R - Debuff duration increases to 22.



E - Cooldown is Halved, and additional attacks deal their damage in a 1.75u-radius area around their targets.



HP - Arges passively gains 6% Respawn Time Reduction per stored stack of Time. Arges can gift this bonus to a single target Allied hero, granting them 18% Respawn Time Reduction per stack consumed. However this bonus effect lasts for one respawn only.



R - Halves cooldown and doubles the range.



R - Health per stack increased by 100 and reduces cooldown by 20s at all levels, 



R - Spawns 16 Civilians and they are now also spell immune while active.



E - Deals 25 (+15% INT) Spell Damage per echo.



W - Area of effect increases by 50% (9u-radius), and Smith regenerates 25 Health per second while cloaked. 



HP - Side and Rear Damage Reductions increased to -30% and -45% respectively. If Dakrun receives an instance of damage over 200, he instantly unleashes a current-level Spray of Teeth (Q). 3s internal cooldown.



R - Increases Removal Distance by 3. Defilement will also continuously spread to other unaffected Enemy Heroes within 3u of any Defiled Target. Cannot apply to Enemy Heroes who are currently under the effect of Defilement, or were in the last 3s.



Q - Initial base heal increased by 30 and base heal/s increased by 10 at all levels. Whenever Geneva channels this ability on another ally hero, she gains 'Noncombatant Immunity', granting her 60% Damage Resistance. When Empowered, Damage Resistance increases to 80% and Geneva gains Debuff Immunity while channeling.



R - Resets all talent cooldowns and halves cooldowns at all levels (20/10/5).



Q - Gains 2 charges.

W - Gains 2 charges.

E - Gains 2 charges.



HP - Upon death, Narud's True Form now also reduces all his ability cooldowns by 75%, and doubles their cast range. Duration increases to 25 seconds.



R - Cast time reduced to 0.25s and when used on your Astral Projection, Tass switches health with his Projection if his current health is less than the Projection's. Astral Projection's (V) cooldown is also halved. (Note: Does not work if the Astral Projection uses Aether Swap on Tass.)



R - Coronal Discharge releases a massive Ionic Pulse on impact, slowing and applying 2 Ionize stacks to all enemies in an 18u-radius. The Ionic Pulse will also temporarily unfog the impact area.



E - Cooldown of Erekul's Vengeance (R) reduced by 8/10/12/14 seconds when attacked by an enemy hero.



W - AoE increased to 6u-radius, and Damage Resistance increased to 80% at all levels.



HP - Increases attack range to 9. Terminus gains +30 Armor and Spell Armor while burrowed.



HP/Q (Acid Spit) - Increases cast range and reduces cooldown by 50%. Acid Spit now also reduces Spell Resistance by 20%, and provides Detection and Vision of the target. Duration increases to 8 seconds.



W - +2 Max Spectres at all levels.



E - Hit points increased to 9 at all levels, and Level 4 Homing Missiles cooldown reduced to 3 from 6.



W - Psionic Bola has no cooldown and can be used as soon as its back. 



R - Upgrades to 'The Bigger One'; Deals its damage to enemies in a 4u-radius around the target unit, knocking them back and marking them all to be revealed and take additional on-hit True Damage.



R - Damage type changes to True Damage from AoE Spell Damage.



W - Increases area of effect by 50% (9u-radius).



Upgrades all Creation and Destruction spells:

W - Increases base Spell Damage by 30 at all levels.

WW - Increases base Spell Damage by 20 at all levels.

WWW - Increases base Spell Damage by 50 and cast range by 4u at all levels.

E - Increases base Shields by 50 at all levels.

EE - Slows Attack Speed by the same amount as Movement Speed (80%).

EEE - Deals Spell Damage equal to 50% of Energy Burned.

WE - Cooldown reduced by 4.5s.

WWE - Cooldown reduced by 10s.

EEW - Cooldown reduced by 10s.



R - Increases cast range by 2u and creates 2 rings, dealing -15% less damage each.



HP - Permanently +8 STR per hero kill or assist (Note: Stacks remain even after selling Blue Gene).



E - Attack counter Doubled at all levels; 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 attacks.



E - Upon returning, Navigator performs an Instant Basic Attack against all visible enemies within 6u-radius. These Basic Attacks apply On-Hit effects and deal bonus Physical Damage based on stored Technocracy charges; They do not consume the stored charges however.

Physical Damage per Charge: 25 (+33% Weapon Damage)



W - Spyder Wards now emit 'Scrambler' aura; making Remote and Proximity mines within 6u radius undetectable and unradarable. Does not apply to self or other Spyder Wards.

E (Proximity Mine) - Increases base Spell Damage by 150 at all levels.

R - Increases base Spell Damage by 150 at all levels.



V - Unlocks 'Hyperion’s Descent' ability; After 0.35 seconds cast time, Raynor summons the Hyperion Battlecruiser to bombard a 6u area for 8 seconds, dealing 25 + (2*LVL) (+15% INT) Spell Damage per attack and slowing targets' movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. 75 second cooldown (Note: Jim's Heroic Passive reduces the cooldown of this ability).



W - Increases cast range by 2u and applies effects to all enemies in a 4u AoE around you along with the target unit.



Q - Doubles cast range at all levels. Stun Duration increases to 2 seconds, and damage dealt increases by 25% if the enemy is bleeding.



R - Heal/Damage increased by 25 (+1% Target Max Health) at all levels and removes debuffs from allies.



R - Global range; now also affects allied creeps and buildings. While active, allies also gain +100 Health Regeneration per second.



R - Max Bribed Units increased to 2.



AA/HP - Your autoattacks generate a Shadow Clone that attacks your target. 3 second internal cooldown.



W - Can store up to 3 charges.



W - River Racer bonus duration increases to 6 seconds.

E - Gains 'Aquatic Payload'; Striking an enemy outside the river, creates a 8u-radius Puddle for 18s that grants current level River Racer bonus for 6s. 

R - River bonus grants Grunty +20 Health Regeneration per second.



R - While active, applies 'Chrono Mastery' on Null, increasing Cooldown Reduction by 150% and Attack Speed by 75% for the duration of this ability. 



R - +1 Option Drone, and Option Drones deal double damage to non-massive creeps.



V - Unlocks 'Oversight' ability; Overlord spawns his Herald anywhere on the map to randomly attack multiple enemy units in an area around itself, dealing 25 (+25% INT) Spell Damage and applying current level Overkill (Q) effects to targets.

Azathoth's Herald is uncommandable, and has 5 Hit Points, 6u-radius Flying Vision, 6u-radius Detection over enemy units, and lasts 30 seconds. 60 second cooldown.



R - Cooldown set to 25 (from 150/100/50).



W - Now affects all ally heroes in 4u AoE around target.



W - Area of effect increased to 3.5u-radius, and Movement Speed bonus increased to 35%.



Q/E - Q and E apply 1 additional 'Unfolding Fate' stack to enemies Zeratul strikes. Unfolding Fate stacks also apply 'Chronolock' debuff when they expire, reducing timescale by 100% for 0.45 seconds.



R - Doubles cast range and stun duration.



R - Cooldown reduced by 15s and base Spell Damage increased by 50 at all levels. Deus Ex Cooldown reduced to 6s at all levels.



Q - Reduces cooldown to 4 and removes energy cost.



Q - Unlocks 'Despotic Strain'; Despotic Banelings deal an additional 15 (+2.5% INT) Spell Damage at all levels, move 50% faster, have no collision, can cliff jump, and pounce towards target.



R - Health regenerated increased to 60/80/100% Max Health and cooldown reduced by 60 seconds at all levels.



R - Increases Flaming Stevie's attack Splash Damage AoE to 2u (from 0.6u) at all levels.



R - AoE increased by 50%.



HP - Casting Special Order 937 (R) will now proc Ex Machina, recasting the ability at a different random Enemy Hero within range for no additional cost.



R - Increases duration to 8 seconds, and enemies be may knocked up once every 4 seconds.



W - Damage Reduction per Bounce is set at -22%, and increases Bounce Radius by 4u at all levels. 



R - Halves cooldown and increases base true damage by 100 at all levels.



R - Increases duration to 14 seconds.



R - +40 Base Spell Damage/S at all levels, and Brain Sap gives Unix Debuff Immunity for its duration.



W - Stone Pillars become 'Magnetized', exploding after 1.5 seconds of being Pushed, and each dealing additional 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+20% INT) Spell Damage in a 2.5u radius area.



V - Unlocks 'Monomolecular Blade' ability; After a 0.5s channel time, Nova switches her basic weapon to a melee plasma sword; Gaining (+25% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage, +25% Attack Speed, and +15% Movement Speed.

HP - While Monomolecular Blade is equipped, the distance condition is removed and bonus Physical Damage is increased to +15%.



R - Increases cast range by 75% (45u / 59u / 73u) and charge count to 6 at all levels.



R - Increases Tornado duration to 12 seconds, and applies its Deadly Toxin stacks twice as fast.



R - Reduces cooldown by 40s at all levels and while active, you gain max RnT stacks for the full duration.



R - +1 Charge and all cooldowns halved at all levels. Dispels debuffs on cast.



R - Vergil will disappear and move to a target location and then move back and re-appear at his cast location, unleashing 20 Judgment Cuts in the area between the two locations. Enemies can be struck a maximum of 4 times per cast.



W - Removes cooldown, Increases Energy Absorption by 33%, Doubles max channel time, and simultaneously Drains target' life as Spell Damage per second for current level Energy/S Absorption.



R - Upon receiving and blocking damage, Alarak unleashes destructive waves towards all enemies in an 8u-radius around him.



R - Scaling Spell Damage doubled to 16% Max Health and ultimate triggers on death regardless of current cooldown or energy cost (Note: On death Compton Special does not reconstitute Viron).



R - Doubles the length of the Linear AoE to 16u, and  increases Deathly Harvest's (E) Damage Multiplier for this ability by 0.1 at all levels.



W - Unlocks 'Galvanic Dive' ability; Leo pounces up to 7.5u towards a target unit, applying on-hit effects, dealing (10*LVL) (+25% INT) (+25% Weapon Damage)  Spell Damage and knocking up each enemy he passes through for 0.4s. 

50 Energy / 14 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced by 0.5s with each basic attack. (Note: On-hit effects include Leo's Ultimate ability - Lightning Claw.)



W - Area of effect increased to 7u-radius. Heals nearby allies for 22.5/30/37.5/45% of Physical and Spell Damage taken. Does not heal self.


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