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v2.51 Tiers


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FYR (incase you dont remember the portraits):

S -Avenger, Brine, Chuck, Micro, Dehaka, Null, Mandrake, Dustin, Egon, Khyrak, Geneva, Feral, Nova, Vega, Warfield

A - Akasha, Alarak, Anthrax, Boros, Cain, Turraneth, Crackling, Cyprus, Darpa, Grunty, Maar, Fenix, Huntress, Immortal, Rory, Karax, Kuradel, King, Narud, Queen, Rancor, Boswell, Tassadar, Tosh, Tychus, Vergil, Vorazun, Vorpal, Yig

B - Artanis, Balrog, Axiom, Biotron, Erekul, Garamond, Nemesis, Pyro, Leo, Kerrigan, Corona, Jackson, Ravager, Raynor, Shadow, Starscream, Stukov, Toxi, Viron, Zyrkhan, Penthos

C - Greelus, Jakk, Unix, Zeratul

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for the most part

this isn't an indication of needed buffs or nerfs.

almost all of the champs are effective in their role and some are probably necessary for the game purely for the reason that they counter other  certain champs.


S thru B are perfectly viable, with S probably being easier to perform their roles.


C is also viable but are typically more easily countered, or are inferior to other choices, or perform roles with more effort and less reliability, often producing less results. But I sure wouldn't buff Unix.






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