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First of all thanks for removing my colored name MOTHER, it clearly belongs in the past.

Second, maybe I was pretty unfair with my review having 1 star considering I have like been playing aeon of storms (that I know) for four years, I'll change it to a 3-4 star review and pretty unfair of dismissing your development of aeon of storms just because it wasn't the one I knew, however I still have problems with it, crap ton of new mechanics since I was gone, new map, and still seems choppy on my end.

However, this means nothing in context of me coming back to play because I want to move on, the idea of playing aeon of storms again seems pretty weird at the moment, I will come back once the dust of the past have dissipate, there is literally one person still trying to invite me to play aeon of storms, I won't say who. However, the next time I come back, it will be to do something about the community, which will be a impossible task to finish, but something I'd want to try to do considering it is definitely the reason I am not playing aeon of storms at the moment because I know I was a bad kid back then, but I definitely took note of how unbearable it is to play with them.

Lastly, may I call you by your name when I was active back then?

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I only removed your colored name because you asked me to.

I also honestly don't care what you do Harry.

I'm only interested in keeping AoS solid and enjoyable for the playerbase of today, and continuing the work that I and the many great developers before me started for as long as I can. Everyone is welcome for the ride.


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