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Hey gang, I've been more busy this summer than anticipated but I haven't given up on my AoS youtube channel and montage video I'll be releasing for my first. I have other games saved and clips all ready to go!

I'm hoping after the 4th I'll be able to get everything setup and begin uploading games/clips and even possibly some commentary on tips I've picked up from various players on various heroes, and ways to improve as a player overall (DISCLAIMER! I'm not even close to the better AoS players) but I do have a pretty good feel to the game and know certain things 80% of players don't do that can seriously help them out.

Thank you for your patience, excited to get this all up and running!

Also there are some games I'd like to take the easy way out on and just provide the replay. If someone could link a site, similar to the one posted in the Anthrax bug thread, I'd appreciate it! Ty all!

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