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4pm EST there is the IH event MOTHER so kindly started so let's try and show out for it! 



Hello boys

so we're gonna try something a little different this Sunday starting at 8 PM GMT/4 PM EST.

Inhouse games of teams of 5. Teams and captains are locked in a best of 3. Teams are decided during an initial draft, however if you come as a premade team, we can try to accomodate your choice if it is not too OP (dont want one sided games)

If we can manage more than 3 teams, we will have 2 sets of games running parallel which would be great

once teams are set, only hero drafts will be permitted between games and time will be kept to ensure they dont take too long

I will make a new channel in this group for this Sunday, please register with your name in the group. We want to avoid walk-ins if possible

Let's see if we can pull this off

(Discord/mic preferred, but optional)

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Thanks for making the thread Bile.

I'm gonna try to make it simple.

1- Once we get to the first 10 players (with or without me), I will make a party and invite all players into a game. If we are 11 players, I will become an observer (apparently this works if we enter the lobby as 1 single party at first). In order for this to run smoothly, I ask all players to add me as a friend on SC2 if they haven't already.


2- Captains volunteer, and players draft then teams are locked for the Best of 3 session. Teams that are too lopsided may experience an intervention from yours truly.


3- Hero draft is classic style, and no autobans allowed (See below; Team 1 aka First Ban/First Pick is Red and Team 2 is Green).

1st Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) {1-1-1-1-1-1}

2nd Stage -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-2-2-1}

3rd Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-1; 1-1-1-1}

Players should tell their captains their preferences for picks asap, as Captains cannot read your mind and they will only have 45 seconds for each ban and pick. I will be keeping time to ensure this. If time runs out during a ban, no hero will be banned, and if time runs out during a pick your team may end up with a random hero!


4-  If we end up being more than 3 teams of 5, the winning team from the first BO3 will face the challenger team in waiting, and the loser of the second BO3 set will face the loser from the first set. If we are 4 teams of 5, we will run both sets parallel to one another, and if we are magically more than 4 teams of 5 we'll throw in a drinking game and call it a party.


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12 hours ago, MOTHER said:

Games were great, thanks to everyone who showed up. We're gonna try to make this a thing every Sunday same time, same place, and hopefully get those GG replays uploaded.

What's the best way to upload? Been a minute since I've uploaded game replays. 

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On 6/26/2019 at 12:25 AM, Fisher said:

Would be great with some in game pictures / videos to persuade more people to join.

I would love if someone with a super computer and recording software to document these inhouses for youtube.


I will search for them, but if you are reading this message me! 😄

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