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Can I get a quick rundown of the meta in terms of what items and heroes are good? Any item synergies? etc. It feels so bad to spend a ton of time looking through the shop trying to figure out which items would be good on my hero. Been playing Null, probably will try Dustin again too since he was my favorite.

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I'm in the process of updating the recommended items, and will add them to the beta map as soon as the new hero is up and running for testing.

For Dustin, I recommend the following items:

Starting/Early - Health/Energy Capsules, Tyde Pods (for active and energy regen), Duran's Pendant (early spell amp unique goes well with spell amp talent)

Movement/Escape - Gravity's Edge, Lockbox

Damage - Gravity's Edge (core item), Kura's Deathmask (if your enemies have casters or ad heroes), Ancient Rune (if your enemies have healers or tanks)

Sustain/Survivability - Symphonic Seed, Asura's Guise

Luxury/You are ahead - Ihan Crystal, Argus Crystal

Situational - Nitrogen Retrofit, Spirit Containment Vessel, Smoke

The order in which you buy these greatly depends on the enemies you are facing. But for me personally, I can't go wrong with Gravity, Lockbox, and Seed on Dustin.

Since you are a very XP Level dependent hero, I would solo lane mid with a Syrus Codex consumable whenever you can. Max Q then E, then W, and take R at lvls 10, 11 and 16. You're really working your way to 16 with Dustin because that's when your R will allow you to spam your skills and you can truly make the switch from Caster to Caster-Carry.

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Why max E second? Is it for better waveclear? Isn't E very inconsistent vs heroes because of how slow it is and the low likelihood of hitting multiple times? Also, do you still need to use E to position drone to use Q, since just using Q and waiting for the drone to move into range is super slow? That would make E max second even worse since it ups the mana cost but doesn't lower the cooldown.

Thanks for the miniguide! What talents would you suggest? Maybe energy, energy regen, % spell damage, weapon damage, experience, health? 

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E amplifies spell damage, so if you get at least 2 points in it, you can clear waves really fast with Q. Against heroes, I find that most opponents tend to neglect or underestimate your E and its AoE, but it does massive damage amp (+50% for you and your team) if you positioned correctly in a team fight.

Unless you are facing squishy opponents, max W third because of your 3 abilities, it is the one that relies most heavily on items to reach its full potential so early game it wont be as useful besides ksing. 

And yes you still need to position your drone for Q, but you can use E's ability and its new sub-ability to help you with that now. Your drone also has more cast range and sight range than you remember probably.

I'm a  sucker for the Transport talent, so on Dustin I usually go 3 - 0 - 4 and try to play safe to die not early game since I won't have the fitness talent. For Offense talents, you want Cunning to combine with duran's pendant, and you probably want Demigod and the lifesteal/spell leach talent too for sustain in fights. You could get the Veteran talent if you plan for it (solo lane + syrus codex consumable + spirit containment vessel item), but again I'm too inclined to try to get transport on most heroes.

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