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So quite an interesting little tale here. So there is an aos lobby open. I join the lobby, game starts, we get in game, people assume im a noob and just instant leave. I join the remake lobby and get insta booted. I get a pm saying, :go practice solo before playing pubs we dont want no noobs: Then i join the next lobby that opens 45 minutes later, same thing happens, instant boot. 

How would they even know whether i was a noob or not unless i get to play with them once. there is no more than 1 lobby open at any given time, and its the same incestuous players who think they are gods since they are the last remaining players in this game. They want more people to come back on AOS but if they dont recognise the names then they kick them. I mean its pretty cancerous. They dont want to give anyone a chance, even when they respond confirming that they are in fact not "new". 

If you say you dont want someone new in your game but dont give them a chance to even play then how do you expect the game to even grow. If you want an inhouse, make a private inhouse lobby, if youre making a pub then make a pub and let everyone be welcome in it. Then again, you didnt even give the benefit of the doubt even after i said i wasnt new but just assumed since i had a random name on.


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Sorry for experience.

I’m not going to defend what happened here because even I when testing games on the beta map tend to remove newbies from the lobby. This is mainly to get the most out of the investment of time we are making while waiting and then playing the game (for the purposes of testing again). I usually title the lobby clearly so that other players know the type of game we are arranging.

Having said that, I do hope any veterans reading this will always make room for at least one new player per team. You never know who you are going to get, and as long as they are not going to leave the game before it finishes, they should be welcome all the time.

If the lobby is intended for Veterans only, please mark it as such. Otherwise, don’t kick people from pubs without giving them a chance to at least identify their experience level to you. At least then it will give the host a chance to accommodate them best in either team.

The current situation in SC2 Arcade really necessitates not being assholes to one another, especially to newcomers. I hope you understand this before it’s too late.


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On 3/6/2019 at 9:44 AM, BlackCat said:

Hosts need to do a better job at balancing teams before kicking newbs. 

Absolutely. If you go through many of the recent map reviews, you will notice a trend among players who are justifiably angry of continuously being kicked out or left out of games.

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