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I was talking with Manling the other day and Geneva is both great and failing miserably currently. She does okay early and if she has support but into the mid-late game I think she falls off considerably. Maybe tweaking her ultimate a little could help this? I was thinking she could call in a medivac that does an AOE heal but also damages enemies, or something like that? 

Personally I don't like to play her because if you miss you're shield push and blind, you will basically be dead. I understand she's mostly a hard support but in her case it loses it's advantages later in the game. My other suggestion would make her heal ability able to use on the move. She feels clunky at times, anyone else think this?

EDIT: not to mention one taser is all it takes to render her completely useless. 

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She’s actually really strong in terms of her potential impact on the game. She is the fastest Hard Support (not that there are that many), making her the best warder IMO probably outside of maybe Jakk.

Once she hits lvl 3 R, she can basically spam empowered versions of her kit for days.

I agree that the leash range on Q is problematic if your ally doesn’t heed the visual cues and stays within range, but they are partly to blame for that.

I am open to adding some QoL changes to her kit, and maybe flirt with some added utility from her heroic or shields. There’s a few ideas for her we can explore in the next beta update (which won’t be until next next weekend).

Also if your enemy is recklessly wasting their taser on Geneva in a teamfight then she is doing her job by getting focused instead of her carry. 

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