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Changelog v2.30


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- Killing a "Godlike" Hero (e.g. At least 9 kills streak) now grants an additional +50% Minerals and XP.

- Destroying 3 Suppressors will now announce the Creep buff in the subtitle (chat area).



- Added small cliffs in the middle part of top and bottom lanes (near the base of the ramp towards the side shops).



- Destroying any Enemy Suppressor grants 100 Mineral and 100 XP reward to your team (Fix).


Primary Creeps

- The Creep buff gained from destroying 3 Suppressors simultaneously now also grants +20% Attack Speed from only +20% Movement Speed.


Neutral Creeps

- Vigilante Vultures Weapon Damage reduced from 40 to 30.

- Imperial Cyclones Weapon Damage reduced from 20 to 15.

- Replaced 1 Siege Engine camp with a new Tier 3 "Merc Diamondback" camp; Merc Diamondbacks have 900 Health, 6.5 Range, 4 Movement Speed, 70 Weapon Damage, and grant 55/100 base Minerals/XP. Merc Diamondbacks can attack while moving.

- Switched the positions of the remaining Siege Engine camp with the Devil Dog Hellion camp that is between the top and mid T2 towers.

- Siege Engine health increased to 1300 from 1100.

Note: These changes are intended to make jungling in the lowest part of the safelane jungle more manageable during early levels. The harder camps, Siege and Thor would be on the outskirts, while the inner part would be easier to rotate between camps since their difficulty levels would be more similar.




- Destroying enemy wards (Sentry, Truesight, and Controller) now grants 50 XP from 0.

- Purchasing any of the following items will now announce your purchase to your team: Mossberg Taser, Frozen Cuirass, Sword Breaker, Space Battery, Sustainer, Adamantium Alloy, Cerebro, Schrodinger's Lockbox, Impact Dial, Prophecy Stone, Photodeviator, Dominion Standard, Phaseshield Alpha, and Phaseshield Beta.


Boundary Scanner

- Now is removed by Debuff Immunity.


Duran's Buckler

- No longer gives +6 Armor.

- Unique changed to "Property of Duran 1"; Grants +6 Spell Armor and +0.5 Health Regeneration.


Duran's Machete

- No longer gives +5% Weapon Speed.

- Unique changed to "Property of Duran 2"; Grants +6% Weapon Speed and 0.05 Movement Speed.

Duran's Pendant

- No longer gives +1 Energy Regeneration.

- Unique changed to "Property of Duran 3"; Grants +3% Spell Damage and +0.5 Energy Regeneration.


Electric Mantle

- Strength reduced to 70 from 80.

- Active no longer procs on player's minions (Fix).



- Energy regeneration increased to 3 from 2.


Hunter's Knife

- 'Hunt 2' Unique now heals for +20 Health per attack.


Hunter's Hatchet

- 'Hunt 1' Unique now heals for +10 Health per attack.

- 'Hunt 1' Unique Weapon Damage bonus increased to 20 for Ranged and 40 for Melee from 10 and 20 respectively.

- 'Hunt 1' now only procs on Neutral Units from proc'ing on any Enemy Non-Heroic Units.

- Price increased to 300 from 265.


Isomorphic Pyre

- Energy regeneration increased to 2.5 from 2.


Khali Blade

- Price increased to 4500 from 4100.



- Now regenerates 450 Health over 8 seconds from 400.


Naix Claw

- Price increased to 4600 from 4000.


Schrodinger's Lockbox

- Active now removes tower targeting (Fix).


Sentry Wards

- Sight radius increased to 16u from 14u.


Sliptide Scythe

- 'Genocide Cutter' Unique stack count increased to 4 from 3.

- Time scale per stack reduced to 2% from 3%.

- At max stacks, the bonus Spell Damage per attack is increased by 50%.


Space Gem

- Price reduced to 60 from 75.


Spirit Containment Vessel

- 'Hunt 3' Unique bonus True Damage is now halved against Map Bosses.


Time Gem

- Can no longer be auto-consumed when inventory is full (Fix).


Truesight Wards

- Now will reveal (through the fog) enemy wards that are within 3u radius of it (Note: Will reveal wards that are in range regardless of terrain elevation).




- Chances of triggering hero voice sounds when issuing non-attack orders reduced from 50% to 30% (Note: Attack orders trigger voice sounds 100% of the time).

- Re-proportioned how visuals effects scale with all hero models (Note: Previously some visual effects appeared smaller or much larger than the model they are attached to; Khyrak's model was a good example of this. Now visual effects will scale more accurately relative to their host unit model).



HP - Updated visuals.

E - Cooldown rescaled to 7/6/5/4 from 8/7/6/5.

- Updated sound.



E - Base Spell Damage reduced to 70/120/170/220 from 70/130/190/250.



HP (Burning Salsa-Blade) - Now correctly scales with Weapon Damage (Fix).

R (Salsaslash) - Now applies heroic passive with each strike (Fix).



R - Spell Damage changed to 200/325/450 (+100/125/150% Target Primary Attribute) from 200/350/500 (+100% INT).



- Base Movement speed reduced to 2.95 from 3.1.

W - Stacks now removed by Debuff Immunity.



Q - Spell Damage rescaled to 50/100/150/200 (+50% INT) from 60/120/180/240 (+40% INT).

- Non-Charged Wall length extended to 12u from 10u.

W - Scaling Spell Damage changed to +75% STR from +50% INT.

- Bonus Spell Damage now scales with +25% STR from No Scaling.

- Energy cost decreased to 60/70/80/90 from 60/80/100/120.

R - Brownstone Totem "Unload" sub-ability hotkey changed from D to E.



R - Movement speed bonus reduced to 1/1.5/2 from 2/3/4.

- Now grants 20/30/40% Lifesteal for duration.



W - Backlash after effect can now be removed by Debuff Immunity (Fix).

- Energy cost decreased to 30/40/50/60 from 65.

E - If a target is killed by Devour, Feral gains Debuff Immunity for 0.5s.

- Cast range rescaled from 2.5u to 3/4/5/6u.

- Cooldown rescaled to 20/18/16/14 from 19/16/13/10s.



W - River Racer Movement Speed bonus duration increased to 3s from 1s.

R - Movement Speed bonus rescaled to 20/35/50% from 30/40/50%.

- Duration increased to 15s from 8/12/16s.

- Movement Speed bonus now decays over duration once Grunty leaves the River (Note: The decay effect only applies to the MS bonus gained from the River. The Swamp Trap MS bonus does not decay over its duration).



- STR/AGI/INT Attributes gained per level rescaled to 5/5/5 from 6/5/4.

- Base STR/AGI/INT Attributes changed to 33/25/32 from 33/27/30.



Q - Base damage reduced to 60/100/140/180 from 75/125/175/225.

- Cooldown set to 14 from 16/14/12/10.

W - Mercenary Marine health now scales with 100% STR instead of 15*LVL.

- Mercenary Marine weapon damage scaling changed to 5% Weapon Damage from 5% INT.

R - Now grants 30/45/60% Damage Resistance instead of 100/200/300 Health.

- Bribed units are now considered Heroic by the game.

- Energy cost rescaled to 150/225/300 from 150/200/250.



Q - Scaling Spell Damage decreased to 50% INT from 75% INT.

E - Scaling Spell Damage increased to 15% STR from 10% STR.



- Base Movement speed reduced to 2.9 from 3.

Q - Base Spell Damage reduced to 60/120/180/240 from 70/140/210/280.

W - Spell Damage rescaled to 60/100/140/180 (+75% STR) from 70/130/170/220 (+50% STR).



HP - Scoped is now applied only to enemies that are more than 5.5u away from Nova when she attacks them.

E - Movement Speed bonus reduced to 75% from 80%.

R - Movement Speed reduction decreased to -35/25/15% from -50/35/20%.



Q - Scaling Spell Damage increased to 25% Weapon Damage from 10% Weapon Damage.

R - Cooldown rescaled to 150/100/50 from 150/110/70.



Q - Deals +50% bonus damage against targets currently under the effect of The Shadow Walk.

W - Slow rescaled to 30/40/50/60% from 50%.

- Slow Duration rescaled to 1/1.5/2/2.5s.

- Cooldown set to 16 from 22/20/18/16.

- Updated default and alt1 visuals.

E - Movement Speed bonus per attack increased to 6/8/10/12% from 2/4/6/8%

R - Now grants +20/35/50% Armor Penetration from only +25% Armor Penetration at Level 3.

- Now grants 40/50/60% Evasion from only +25% Evasion at Level 2 and 3.

- No longer grants +25% Movement Speed or +25% Lifesteal at any level.

- Updated default and alt1 visuals.



W (Assault Mode) - Now grants 60/80/100/120 Strength that decays over 4 seconds instead of 44/56/68/80% Physical and Spell Resistance.

- Cooldown increased to 16s from 8s.

- Updated sound.

E - Transformation time reduced from 2.4s to 1.2s.

- Starscream can no longer move during transformation to and from Flight Mode.



Q - Movement Speed slow and duration changed to 85% Slow for 0.75s from 40% Slow for 2.5 seconds. 



E - Energy Leech decreased to 25% of Damage Dealt from 50%.

R - Energy Leech increased to 25% of Damage Dealt from 15%.



Q - Base Spell Damage reduced to 70/120/170/220 from 80/140/200/260.



- Base Movement speed reduced to 2.9 from 3.05

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On 12/30/2018 at 9:51 PM, DragonHeart said:

Just one problem with the updates so far. Star Scream no longer feels like a transformer now that he can't move while transforming and W seems to make him take additional damage when he gets hit while the decay tics. Recommend reverting his E and Slowing the decay tic rate.

If you not in flight mode, u playing him wrong.

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