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Photodeviator is too good


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The activatable cooldown is too low. Other cloaks like shinobi are 60 sec- it doesn't make any sense to have the cloak AND additional benefit be popped multiple times a teamfight.

Also the effect is more flexible and stronger in many situations than any other support item, compare with eternal drive for example. Costs 3k+ but has a very situational active, instead 40% resist is good in any situation.

And lastly, because it's cheap it's also murderous earlygame. Cloak is more effective with less money for detection and by blocking kills + feed to the enemy you can seriously change the course of the game.

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Phase Cloak builds into Shinobi, which scales much better into late game on the heroes it's intended for.

Photo on the other hand, was initially conceived as a support item (hence the cheap price and long cast range), but more often we are seeing it being used for initiation. Which is fine I guess but the item has been tweaked in the beta map in response to this, including an even higher cooldown now (40s in latest beta map update).

Boundary Scanner which is 140 with 3 charges can render it almost completely obsolete in a team fight. Each charge applies a debuff that lasts 15 seconds. Photo's buff lasts 8 seconds.

You can check the leaderboard and see if the enemy has purchased a photodeviator and counter it quickly with detection. If money is becoming an issue for you, consider purchasing a Scavenger's Veil, which has good early game stats and gives a decent discount on all consumables.

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