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Where is AoS?


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I remember back then (has it really been 8 years already?!?!) there were so many more players and everything was so exciting and fresh. People were MUCH meaner and much ragey-er but shap was fun! Even all the rating/KDR-whoring added a level of competitiveness to the game. 

Nowadays its waiting for 15 to 40 mins in lobby for a game during high-time that has the 50% possibility of ending within the first 5 mins. And playing against a player pool of about 20 guys each time. Not saying it isn't fun, and we do get a really good 1hr 5v5 game once in a while. But it could have been so much more. 

I really do love this game though and wish there was something I could personally do something about it. (Yeah yeah, I'll try to be nicer to newbs.) 

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1 hour ago, SpookyGeorge said:

It’s because star craft 2 is starting to just really die..

One could also argue that Blizzard itself has made a series of missteps in the last year or so at least which have expedited the inevitable death of the game.

But we've been dead before so doesn't bother me. A game is alive so long as people are willing to play it.

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It's not impossible at all, and I went over it in my head it's very much feasible. But the problem with this is two fold:

1- It would be very time consuming, and the finite time I (and Adam probably) have in my life that is allocated to AoS would honestly be better spent on improving the base game, addressing your concerns, and developing new heroes.

2- We cannot afford to divide the playerbase of AoS further.

You can decide in the lobby to play ARAM/mid only with however many players on the existing map and it would likely result in a similar experience to what you're describing.

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I've only had 1 game in which we had a successful mid-lane only game.

90% of the time 1 or 2 players will take it upon themselves to break the pre-agreed rules and begin laning in the side lanes, jungling or going back to base without dying. IMO it isn't really possible to do without strict game mechanics enforcing the rules. 

I guess there's not much to say if you guys don't have the time to make it. Although I would disagree that it would be dividing the playerbase as players would definitely rather play a proper 5v5 if able to and would play the mid-lane game during the times it isn't.

I personally would much rather have the mid-lane mod than new heroes/map changes. 

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