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Changelog v2.25-2.27


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- Fix: "Double Kill!" Announcement now plays correctly.



- All midlane and its immediately adjacent areas have been redesigned.



- Bosses (Aeon and Worm) are immune to any damage if no ally and/or enemy hero is within range.


- Fix: Addressed bug that occasionally caused some lane creep to remain in base instead of move with wave.

- Fix: Addressed bug that caused Zerg midlane creeps to stop short of entering Protoss base



Asura's Guise

- New 'Drain 3 Unique' added; Your Single Target and AoE Spell Damage leech 14% and 8% Current Energy respectively from the target (Has no effect if target has less than 20% Max Energy). Overrides Star's Fury and Duran's Pendant's Drain 2 and 1 respectively.

- Price increased to 3700 from 3600.



- Subsist 3 Unique now regenerates Missing Health and Missing Energy over 3s from 2s.



- Fix: Now correctly dispels active buff when attacking.



- Fix: Active and unique now apply correctly.




- All heroes now have unique and audible 'Death' sounds.



Q, W - Updated sounds.



Q - Now deals Physical Damage instead of Spell Damage.

R - Number of charges reduced to 5 from 6.



Q, E, R - Updated sounds.



HP - Movement Speed debuff stacks last 4s from 2s.

- Movement speed slow per stack increased to 15% from 10%.

- Max stack count reduced to 4 from 5.

R - Duration increased to 12s from 10s.

- Updated sounds.



W - Updated sounds



W - STR scaling increased to 100% from 50%.

- Energy cost rescaled to to 40/60/80/100 from 50/70/90/110.

E - Cooldown reduction for successfully targeting enemy heroes increased to 8s from 6s.



R - Updated sounds.



E, R - Updated sounds.



W - Base Spell Damage per second increased to 30/40/50/60 from 20/32/44/56.

- Now Silences for duration instead of Slows by 35%.

- Duration increased to 4s from 3s (For both Ally and Enemy Target Units).

- Cast range decreased to 4u from 6u

- Energy cost increased to 70/100/130/160 from 70/90/110/130.

- Cooldown rescaled to 22/20/18/16 from 18/17/16/15.

E - Cast range increased to 6u from 4u.

(Fix) - Now applies the correct scaling spell damage as per the tooltip

R - Cooldown rescaled to 80/70/60 from 90/80/70.

- Updated sounds.



E (Proximity Mines) - Trigger AoE reduced to 3.2u from 3.5u (Damage and Slow AoE still 3.5u).



W - Drug Frenzy sub-ability activation hotkey changed to E from V (Note: E is still the hotkey to learn/level up the Mob Mentality passive).

R - Sub-abilities of Bribed Neutral Units - Siege Engine and Thor - have had their hotkeys changed to E from D and C respectively.



Q - Max Energy bonus per kill rescaled to 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5% from 0.75/1.5/2.25/3%

W, E - Now cost 50/60/70/80 + 3% Max Energy per instance from 50/60/70/80.

EEE (Ki Burst) - Now disarms and silences for the duration that enemies are being pushed away from Maar (Read: 0.7s)

WWE/EEW (Savior Aura / Vanguard Aura) - Cooldown increased to 25 from 0.



HP - Cooldown increased to 18s from 15s.

W - Updated sounds.



Q, W - Updated sounds.



Q - Cooldown increased to 18 from 15.

- Energy cost rescaled to 50/60/70/80 from 60.

R- Energy cost rescaled to 200/250/300 from 150/200/250.



E - Increased base bounty to 40 from 32.



W - Now scans for 7s from 6s.



Q - Cast time increased to 2.7 from 2.5s.

R - Fixed bug that causes Ravager to seemingly deal damage when he has not taken any.



Q, E, R - Updated sounds.



W, E - Updated sounds.



Added "Alt2" skin.



Q - Updated sound and visuals.

- Renamed to Confusion from Concussion.

W (Rise of Da Spectres) - Updated sounds.



Q, W - Updated sounds.



Q - Updated sounds.



Q - Physical Damage Scaling decreased to 80% Weapon Damage from 90%.

- Energy cost decreased to 35/50/65/80 from 50/65/80/95

- Updated sounds.

R - Scaling Spell Damage changed to 50/80/110% Weapon Damage from 100% INT.

- Cooldown rescaled to 70/55/40 from 100/85/70.

- Energy cost increased to 150/200/250 from 150/175/200.

- Updated sounds.







- Updated Loading Screen.



- The Zerg top Sanctum was moved slightly to be equidistant between the Zerg top T1 and T2 towers (and to more accurately mirror the Protoss bottom lane measurements); The surrounding area was redesigned to accommodate this.

- Retextured some parts of the terrain.

- Cleared some obstructive trees in the Jungle areas so that the neutral camps can more easily be seen.



- Hydranium crystals capture channel time reduced from 5s to 2.5s.



- River bosses respawn time increased to 9 minutes from 7 minutes. (Note: This was done to match Suppressor respawn time)



- All creepwaves now spawn closer, adjacent to the each lane's respective suppressors rather than immediately adjacent to each team's Core Structure.

- Super creeps (Archon, Colossus, Ultralisk, Ultrahost) starting health reduced to 1400 from 1500.




Now heals and energizes for 20% Missing Health and Energy over 2s from 10% Max Health and 20% Max Energy over 2s.



AoE increased to 10u radius from 8u.




- Items under each of the shop tabs have been re-organized from least to most expensive.


Ancient Rune

- Unique 'Decay' Spell Damage increased to 14% Current Health over 4 seconds, from 12.5% Current Health. 


Argus Crystal

Price increased to 5100 from 4100.

- Now side shop exclusive

- INT reduced to 90 from 100.

- Added new Unique; [Focused Crystal] When your Health is above 70%, gain +50 Intelligence.


Bandit’s Artifice (2500; NEW!)


Components: Moebius Coil, Metabolic Booster, Fusion Blade

+18 Strength

+18 Agility

+24 Intelligence

+10% Cooldown Reduction

[Unique - Territorial 3] Gain 20% Weapon Speed and Evasion when you are within 12u of an Enemy Structure.

[Unique - Mercenary 3] Gain a charge of Mercenary every 10 seconds, up to 3 charges. Damaging an Enemy Structure expends a charge, dealing 45 bonus Physical Damage and granting you 25 minerals. Killing lane or jungle creeps disables this effect for a short duration.


Eye of Amon

- Survivalist Unique XP bonus increased to 8% from 5%.


Hunter's Knife

- Survivalist Unique XP bonus increased to 8% from 5%.


Impact Dial

- Cooldown reduced from 40 to 34.


Kinetic Cell

- Price increased to 1000 from 900.


Korhal Vanguard

- Active duration increased to 12s from 10s.


Lifetech Nanosuit

- Unique now reduces any damage you deal and receive by 50% for 1.5s from only reducing any damage you receive by 50% for 1.5s.

- Unique now heals amount over 6 seconds from 5.

- Cooldown increased to 75 seconds from 60.

- Price increased to 3050 from 2900.



- Health regeneration increased to 8 from 6.

- Updated visuals.


Sliptide Scythe

- Weapon Damage Scaling increased to 10% from 7.5%

- INT Scaling increased to 20% from 17.5%


Smoke Screen

- Price increased to 140 from 100.

- Now has 2 charges.


Spell Buffer

- Active duration increased to 12s from 10s.


Spirit Containment Vessel

- Price reduced to 1300 from 1700.

- Survivalist Unique XP bonus increased to 8% from 5%.


Superheated Mantle

- Price increased to 2750 from 2500.



- Price reduced to 4500 from 4600 .

- Sapphire Mox and Emerald Mox components removed; Sledgehammer added. Now grants +30 Weapon Damage instead of +350 Health and +350 Energy.

- Primary attribute stat bonus reduced to 60 from 70.

- Active now lasts 6 seconds from 7.

- Silence lasts 2 seconds from 3.5.

- Cooldown reduced to 90 seconds from 100.



- Graviton Booster component removed. No longer grants 20% Weapon Speed.


Twin Paradox Isolator

- Chrono Boost 1 now increases Timescale by 15% for 7s from 20% for 8s.

- Cooldown reduced to 60s from 75.


Tyde Pods

- Duration increased to 8s from 6s.


Vampiric Amulet

- Price reduced to 2000 from 2200.




Added "Alt" skin.



Added "Alt2" skin.



W - Energy cost rescaled to 50/70/90/110 from 80/100/120/140

E - Spell Damage increased to 40/80/120/160 from 40/60/80/100.

- Updated sounds.



W - % Target Current Health Scaling reduced to 1% from 1.25%



Added "Alt2" skin.

W - % Max Health as Damage reduced to 0.75% from 1%



Q, W - Updated sound and/or visuals.

E - Scaling spell damage changed to 20% Target Current Energy from 20% Target Missing Energy.

- Updated sounds.



Added "Alt2" skin.



HP - Cooldown increased to 90s from 80s.

Q - Cooldown rescaled to 45/36/27/18s from 46/38/30/22s.

E - Added (+20% INT) Scaling Physical Damage per attack.

- Damage no longer halved on Karax.



Q - Energy cost rescaled to 100/115/130/145 from 80/100/120/140.

E - Max stacks reduced from 5 to 4.



Updated "Alt2" skin.



E - No longer heals from destroying structures.



Added "Alt2" skin.



W (Heat Wave) - Spell damage rescaled to 70/100/130/160 (+50% INT) from 60/90/120/150 (+75% INT).



E, R - Updated sounds.



Updated "Alt2" skin.



Q - Corrosion debuff now deals 3.5% Target Max Health True Damage over 2 seconds from 3% Target Max Health.

- Energy cost rescaled to 90/115/140/165 + 6% Max Energy from 70/105/140/175.



R - Level 1 now grants +25% Movement Speed. 

- Level 2 and Level 3 now also grant +25% Evasion.

- Cooldown rescaled to 140/110/80 from 140/120/100.



Added "Alt" skin.

E (Proximity Mines) - Trigger and Damage AoE increased to 3.5u from 3u.

- Cooldown rescaled to 24/20/16/12s from 12/10/8/6s.

- Duration reduced to 300s from 600s.

- Slow increased to 60% from 50%.

- Scaling Spell Damage increased to (+50% INT) from (+25% INT).

- Now reveals and detects enemies that trip the mine for 2s before exploding.

- Proximity Mines now deal only 50% Damage against enemies recently (Read: Last 4s) damaged by another Proximity Mine.

- Updated sound and visuals.

R - AoE increased to 3.5u from 3u.

- Cooldown set to 6 from 10/8/6.

- Spell Damage rescaled to 300/425/550 from 300/400/500.

- Energy cost increased to 200/250/300 from 175/200/225.



R - Cooldown rescaled to 60/50/40 from 75/60/45.

- Energy cost rescaled to 150/175/200 from 150/200/250.



R - Spectre scaling True Damage increased to (+10% Weapon Damage) from (+7% Weapon Damage)

- Cooldown rescaled to 100/80/60 from 90/80/70.



Updated model.

Updated sounds.

Q - Weapon Damage scaling reduced to 80% from 90%

W - Weapon Damage scaling increased to 80% from 70%

- Max Rip N' Tear Armor Penetration bonus reduced to 10% from 20%.



Added "Alt2" skin.

W - Reflect Damage now excludes damage absorbed by damage reduction

    - Fixed Tooltip which previously showed percentages being 5% higher.



Updated "Alt2" skin.



Updated "Alt" skin.



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I agree with Apache, its laggier than usual, I have new computer so I don't slideshow lategame, but its laggy throughout the game. don't like identity of this aeon of storms in general also, me and the people I use to ih regularly with would agree that we prefer whale's aos. Also get rid of my grandmaster/tourney winner badge please. with few games I had recently on a smurf (so I don't get called out on having the badge), it definitely does not feel like aeon of storms we played back then. ofc players like me and apache here will always keep coming back in hopes that you would probably do something like go back in time 3 years ago, but yeah I feel like the problem into getting back into aos is literally the map, minimap is dark and the map itself is feels freakin huge despite all the new features.

tldr: game is A$$, like the inside of it, not a good kind either. ofc I would respond this negatively after seeing what I played regularly for 4 years be gone.

despite everything I said or what apache just said, we will still come back to see the game, at least theres always a chance

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Do your google research on SC2 Lag and FPS, you will find that it's endemic to the game itself as it is not optimized for newer systems. 

And I know you will always come back,  I see you making it into a point to 'review' the game with every other patch and taking a shot at it whenever you can (these forums are another a good record of that to say the least).

There's no pleasing everyone. And we can't go back in time. AoS today is for people who still enjoy playing it today. We can't and won't cater to ghosts. As devs we still find time in ours lives every few weeks/months to do a (thankless) job of trying to refine the game, update it so that it is compatible with Blizzard updates, try to keep it fresh, and fun for those still wanting to play. Keyword being still.

Fact: Every iteration of AoS was divisive, gained players and lost players. Had its fans and its haters. The last 2 years happen to coincide with the twilight years of the game client that hosts AoS itself. This is a not an argument against present day AoS.

It's been difficult as a latter day developer to navigate through comments from players who hate on the game because it isn't what it once was/they aren’t who they once were (Nostalgia) or because the current player pool isn't as skilled or varied or generous, rather than because of its current game design and aesthetic. 

Nothing stays the same, but we still manage 2-2.5 games at a time during peak hours after EIGHT years, and after 1.5 years of this revision of AoS. Games don't drag as much anymore when its 5v5, and when it's a solid 5v5 it's still great.

The new map requires getting used to, it only feels big because you're not familiar with it and because you have not adopted the new tools and choices available to you. That's all I will say on that. 

Now I won't tell you Harry what to do, but I will tell you that you're beating on a dead horse. If you genuinely want to improve the game, offer constructive criticism, because we listen within reason.

As for Apache, I have nothing but the utmost respect for him hence why I am curious for his perspective, and whether his comment had anything to do with the bad game(s) he had immediately before making that comment.

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  • MOTHER featured and pinned this topic

So you should probably do something about lifetech. The item is pretty much required on every single hero in the game. Either up the cost to like 5k or severely nerf what it does. Reducing damage, debuff immunity, and healing are wayyyyy to much for an item that costs 3k.

As for the map itself eh. Its not bad and there are some pathing issues I feel. And middle lane just feels weird. The towers being so close to that ramp just make it hard to do much. But overall its ok. 

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12 hours ago, Destroyer said:

So you should probably do something about lifetech. The item is pretty much required on every single hero in the game. Either up the cost to like 5k or severely nerf what it does. Reducing damage, debuff immunity, and healing are wayyyyy to much for an item that costs 3k.

The damage reduction (which now reduces incoming and outgoing damage), as well as the debuff immunity last for 1.5s of game time, which is about 1s of real time. That's literally the only buff the item received in years and it was done in response to people complaining about the lack of variety in anti-slow/stun/debuff items.

Now do you really think that 1.5s of debuff immunity at a 75s cooldown warrants a T5 price hike? I think its too soon to tell if the latest tweaks are enough or not, but I've seen the item less at play since 2.25 came out.


12 hours ago, Destroyer said:

As for the map itself eh. Its not bad and there are some pathing issues I feel. 

Pathing is always gonna be a work in progress honestly. It's been improved in every patch. I find things in the pathing editor that surprise me that I did not catch before even though I am extremely thorough. Citing examples and sending replays helps.


12 hours ago, Destroyer said:

And middle lane just feels weird. The towers being so close to that ramp just make it hard to do much. But overall its ok. 

Are you referring to the mid-lane of 2.0-2.25 or the midlane of 2.26?

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1 hour ago, Destroyer said:

I played last weekend so then. 

Adam updated the map on Sunday or Monday, so I'm not sure if you saw the new mid. But I remember long time ago one of your critiques was the curved style of the new mid lane. In 2.26, the midlane was redesigned to look more familiar and simpler.

We'll see about lifetech. 🙂

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  • 3 weeks later...
10 hours ago, Deathbringer said:

3 things:

1) is it realy impossible to add previous sound for double kill, monster kill etc?

2) check properties of taser & frozen since it's use range sometimes doesn't work properly.

3) why mantle cost was increased so much?

1) Not impossible, but the current sound set is the only one available (and it's fine tbh). We'd have to dig through very old versions to find what you're talking about. 

2) They both have a cast range of 8u, but the range indicator for Frozen's active doesn't show all the time. Will see what we can do.

3) I assume you're talking about Superheated and not Electric Mantle. It was done (along other similarly intended nerfs) to delay the domination of the STR or tanky meta. It's a recurring concern over the last period that STR/Tanky heroes and their items being too difficult to manage. Exploring different options to reel them in. 

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Come again?

The audio/visual updates are intended to maximize the use of SC2 assets and make every hero/item's assets as unique as SC2 allows. Also making audio/visual cues unique can improve the gameplay experience. 

Balance-wise, Rory is in a good spot and has been a long time. Or do you think he should be changed in someway?

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While rory haven't been changed in a long time the items around him has. That being said he's still useful, but his E is far from what it was way back with the implementation of various ways to heal or remove debuffs.

That being said I'm not sure if anything needs to be done or not - potentially reduce the healing effect on targets affected by his E? Or if a part of the damage can't be debuffed.

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