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Karax Slow


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4 hours ago, DragonHeart said:

Still a very long slow for when you cant afford to buy those items. Some hero's become useless if they don't focus on buying damage items.

ofc, lol
support items are supposed to be bought

there always should be 1-2 supports in team

so tank and supports summary should get minimut like 3-4 items for team


when I played with godlike  tank/support + support pair (usually brine + egon) we got like 6-8 support items together

 2 person can get ALL needed

impact, cassia, eternal, silver soul, spell buffer, chilling,  taiser/frozen, korhal, photodev

all these are very usefull

its funny seeing ppl don't know what to do with enemy lifesteal and don't buy rune

or then play vs 5 mages and nobody buy sb


nbdy even bying resist lol


karax root not that dangerous

ez debuff it if have at least one normal teammate

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