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Zoom out?


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Is there a way to zoom out the game screen? I play in a 27´ Mac, on 5 k resolution, and still heroes are almost half of my screen size.

Its annoying u want to see surroundings and not being able to. In other custom games u can define the amount of zoom u wanna play with.



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Higher resolution does not equal more view space. It just means more pixels in a given area. The field of view in SC2 doesn't increase with your resolution or your monitor size.

The view area is standardized by Blizzard for SC2 as a whole AFAIK. I think they did this for balance reasons to ensure all players are on equal footing. I think also game performance is negatively affected by zooming out more so that's another reason for the fixed field of view. 

I'm on a 27' Mac myself, so I get what you're talking about. I recommend sitting farther away from the screen.

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