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Do not kick new players from lobbies


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I've received complaints that some people are kicking new players out of lobbies, simply because they are new. This is not acceptable guys. Please report players who do this to the mods ingame or dev team here. Do use the "-id" command ingame to get their bnet id if they are repeat offenders.

Blizzard is opening up accessibility to SC2 and as a byproduct of this we will have a hopefully healthy influx of new players. AoS needs you to support this.

I am not one to tell you how to enjoy your game, but don't ruin someone else's opportunity.

If you would like to play games with regular or experienced players, please change your lobby name to something along the lines of "Experienced players only" (some of you are already doing this). Throw in a smiley face to show that you mean well if you have to because we're all precious snowflakes in 2017.

Using lobby names like "No newbies allowed" is completely unacceptable. Be Pro-good games rather than anti-newbies. 

Ingame, if you can't be nice or helpful to newbies that's okay. You can point them to this place, or you can do nothing at all. Don't ask them to leave when they waited for the lobby to start just like you.

I know from your perspective that feeder who is going  0-11 may look retarded (and they may actually be), but from his or her perspective they are experiencing something new and they are making the mistakes necessary for them to graduate into being decent players, maybe.

So to recap, if you really prefer a game of experienced players, put in the headline and remember that your choice of words impacts how people perceive our community. You can also party up and organize private lobbies like always.

Just don't push away new players. 

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Was the complaint regarding the lobby name, the kicking of the new player from lobby, or both? 

If it was just the kicking I might know who this is about. 

I called for hosts to kick a certain player from lobbies a few days ago as this player RQs without fale every game after dying once. He has a 99% track record of quitting within 5 mins of the game. His excuse was that he's "new", that I was ruining his fun and that I enjoy bullying "newbies". I still don't see how being new relates to his serial RQing. Nobody wants to play a 4v5. 


And yeah, I do get the general point of your post to be cordial in game but it's EXTREMELY frustrating when you've waited 30mins+ for a game to start (and no, newbs don't wait around for a game to start like us regs so they'll typically be the 8,9,10th player to join) and one, or god forbid, two new players on your team keep tower-diving to 0-8, don't buy a single item and won't even reply to your advice. 

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@BlackCat It was regarding the kicking of new player(s) by a regular who removed any name they did not recognize from the lobby. A similar incident happened 2-3 weeks back by someone else. But lobby names like "newbies not allowed/welcome" are just terrible for the game and community. I understand the frustration that may come from dealing with players, but that's not the way to go on about it.

Kicking renowned leavers, people who regularly throw the game and leave when it is not going their way is fine IMO, because in this scenario you are kicking them for being jackasses not because they are new players. 

Honestly, the best remedy for the quality of games is to add all AoS players (you enjoy playing with) to your sc2 friendlist and simply invite them directly whenever they are online. You can even use this as a gauge to see how many games are currently happening and how long the wait period is.

I've tried to add all AoS regulars to my friendlist not just for contact with the active community, but also to quickly put together games. You can find many of these players during peak hours and/or in the AoS active players group.

Blizzard has added a grace period between when the 10th player joins and when the game starts, so you can still remove RQers. This is where a good host comes into play. I've noticed since the upgrades to arcade, that I would gravitate towards certain lobby hosts more than others. The reason being is that these guys are actually willing to balance teams (democratically) to ensure the ratio of experienced players to new players is balanced enough for a GG.

So if you're going to actually host lobbies, be a good host, and people will choose your lobbies over others. 

Worse come to worst, please use the "-id >player number here<" command ingame and screencap the serial RQers bnet id. If these players are only willing to play games they are winning and will ruin games where they are not, then maybe they shouldn't be playing any games at all. For a while at least.

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At least let new players get better before you start kicking. On the other hand people who have played for 1 year+ and are still sh!t, continue to kick them every game and tell them git.gud.com and all will be Gucci*. 


*We may not have any devs after this. This will not be all Gucci. 

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