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Creeps and pushers


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Re: Pushers in general

Hero Drafts should be balanced, having a pusher on the team is also a valid option and strategy and it can be countered now more than ever before thanks to items like Space Gem.


Re: Split pushing

Have you considered strategically placing Controller wards behind the enemy pusher (in a bush or a ward spot) when they push and then using Transport or Space Gems to teleport directly to them?

Controllers also blind enemy wards in a large area making the area particularly unsafe for lone split pushers.

Re: Inhibitors

Don't lose them. If we nerf the risk of losing an inhibitor we increase the risk of increasing game time and subsequently the wait time between games. Losing rax should be a big deal.

Having said all this, in the next patch new counterpushing tools will be available to players.

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6 hours ago, DragonHeart said:

One of these things needs to be nerfed as if you have one enemy pusher based hero and even one inhibitor down you cant stop them. Shouldn't be forced to have a pusher based hero in order to win.

Even if your first statement was true, your conclusion does not not logically follow it. But if everyone on your team is struggling to clear waves perhaps you have comp problem. 

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