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Read you damn pubbies


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  1. Don't a-move into the jungle camp, you'll take the health drop
  2. The melee super creeps have super high physical damage resistance. The ranged super creeps have super high spell resistance. Since creeps do physical damage to each other, 80% OF THE TIME IT IS BETTER TO TAKE DOWN THE MELEE BARRACKS.
  3. Boros omnislash ult only scales off of INT.
  4. See the giant chart at the end of the match? If you're DMG X 100 is low you are either a: support, b: carried, c: bad
  5. THE GAME IS LAGGING? CHECK IF YOU ARE THE CULPRIT.  CTRL + ALT + F. YOUR PING, FPS, GPU TEMP, HOST'S SERVER. If your ping is high or spiking, you may have some issues.
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