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Pretty sure AoS lagged late game since at least 2012. We have and continue to try to do things to minimize the drops in fps. 

Bear in mind though that the new map uses many models and textures that are new and are of a higher quality (from 2016/2017). If you are using the same machine you did as years ago, you would probably feel a difference. 

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My machine is 7 years old but has the same power as models to this day so that is not an issue. Lag is an internet problem, if your program is too big it has to be sent in bite sized chunks which slow things down.

The reason for the suggestion is that i played the old test map of AoS. Interestingly enough even SotIS lagged, but that younger map didn't.

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Lag is an internet/bnet problem like you said and has nothing directly to do with AoS. So there's not much that we can do about that from our side.

AoS can inflict drops in your framerate which look and feel like lag, but are in fact a slowdown in your framerate not an increase in your ping. You can alleviate this issue for the most part by reducing your graphical settings or upgrading them.

Finishing off your opponents and ending the game before the 50-60 minute mark would be the best solution. 

This doesn't happen every game, but historically it has been one of the ongoing problems in AoS for several years.

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