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Death Penalty


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Added Feature

Death Penalty - Every death has a 5% chance of destroying one item within inventory. (stacks up to 15% for consecutive deaths)


What constitutes a consecutive death? Was going to post in the changelog thread but seeing as it is an old one I would be bumping an out of date changelog. 





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Thanks Jessika for that answer.

15 hours ago, bilibili said:

How about troll death after selling all the item

Is this change not popular? Seeing at it has been coded by a Bronze LoL player I can understand the frustration higher skill EU players feel from a concept based entirely on RNG. Bit like the balance here. Hehe. 

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On 7/27/2017 at 0:39 AM, MOTHER said:

Consecutive = unbroken or continuous sequence, uninterrupted. 

Kills and assists could interrupt a sequence of consecutive deaths for example. 

SCV would know more about this since he coded it.

I can't provide anything better than this.

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