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Impatient guys


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Classic EU bro. You think one post is going to change a mentality that has been going on for at least half a decade? LEL. Don't get me started on those who refuse to leave a 5v1 cus 'pub-rating' while 9 people wait in a lobby *cough*Spooky*cough*. 

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The most glaring issue with ih was not just the wait for the 10th player, but also the wait to draft. I think if people had ih's as teams rather than 10 random people getting to know one another right then and there it would be faster. 

Take the FISSST clan for example, wonderful fellas, they have a whatsapp group, and coordinate to 4-5 man games in a timely fashion. You don't need a clan for this to happen, you need 2-4 people at least, an ih team if you will. And you need to communicate.

This is a faster way to assemble people for games. Find your ih buddies, even if ur not 5, and once everyone is in the lobby you will have floaters like me that can fill in any gaps, and if there is a blatant imbalance in player skill, I am sure people will be nice enough to trade players. This cuts down on player draft time significantly, and hero draft time since everyone will be acquainted with everyone's heroes/strengths/weaknesses better. 

It's a hybrid between pubstomping as a party and the IH system if you will. 

The truth of the matter is, if we are not understanding, polite, and communicating with one another - then no one should be surprised that the community died and no one has the right to complain. Start with yourselves, and it will get better always. 

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