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Pls do something about him, he had left 6 games in a row cause of rage.
I don't want to play stupid disbalanced cause of smb rq, that is boolshap, playing 4 v 5 or 5 v 4 is shap  and bonus doenst matter

some heroes like unix or cyprys become better when smb leaves, and heroes like vergil and pyro becomes worser - that bad so


also ppl started kicking me cuase if me leave out of game 4 v 5 like 

what the flob



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A lot of people with mental/physical retardation play MOBAs. Much of them frequent low ELO.  Just look at LoL - anyone in Bronze/Silver is worse than a bunch of people who have no arms and play with their feet. Let that sink in. Surely not all of them are just stupid? I read a report which said a lot are kids/have problems. I think LOVEYOURSELF likely has something has some kind of disorder. If he is reading; Jamal is willing to help you! I prescribe new activities instead of finding enjoyment from others displeasure. I myself recommend fapping - although with no arms this is difficult. It cums with plenty of health benefits and dat dere dopamine release. 

Source: Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer: Updated Results with an Additional Decade of Follow-up (European Urology). 


But seriously dude LoveYourself/PSYCHO time to grow up bae. Even I have changed with time; been 5 years since I terrorised with BM and flair. At least go troll a community which is more active. 



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