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Is it only me or lifesteal items for AA suck?


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So for some time now I've been thinking about lifesteal in this game. And I came to conclusion it sucks. Why?

Well first of all balrogs aura has more lifesteal than those items. 20%(even that 40% from active is meh) lifesteal is nothing in this game, specially having in mind thers ridic items as cauterizer/kuras, not to mention thers much better items to get than naix claw. Not only caut/kura but lot of heroes in this game deal bunch of dmg and you don't even get chance to lifesteal much. In the last few months I can't remember anyone buying naix claw, ever. So atm thers standard build with shinoby/pyre/1 armor pen item/khali/cauterizer. and then depends. Usually I see either lethal/sliptide/galactic/dst/manace. Just as a note, I hate how all AA heroes must get cauterizer unless you are like mega fed. Anyways as you see all of these items are bunch better than naix claw and will always get bought instead of it.

So things I would like to see:

Cauterizer nerfed a lot, not only healing reduction, but the armor and stats stealing should be nerfed also.

Kuras nerfed just a bit(the healing reduction) just to 45 or 40% from 50%

Buff naix claw, eternity, maybe even darwins.


Just to clarify this is specificly about AA heroes(altho I guess cuz of eternity we can also talk about some spell vamp).

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I'm too lazy atm to calculate with specific armor pen/crit but just to show how wrong you are, so lets take an example

Lets say some hero has 350 wpn dmg without crit. I'm guessing lifesteal is based off dmg done not dmg attempted so lets say enemy has 50% ressist which is usually the case. Thats 175 dmg atm. Now we take 20% of that with naix claw which is 35 dmg. And now on the end we have cauterizer -50% healing.

I apologize if lifesteal is calculated from dmg attempted but even like that its nothing.

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I've always felt that the anti heal items should be more niche/counter play items than items that are actually pretty good regardless of that unique... Like you shouldn't be buying those items if no one on the other team is going life steal or doesn't have large healing abilities.

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