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Used to play a lot 3 years ago. Want to start playing again. Help me catch up?


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Hi guys. I used to play SOTIS/AoS a LOT about up until 3(?) years ago but stopped playing due to work, training MMA and other various aspects of life that tend to pull a person away from a computer.


Pretty sure players from back in the day will remember my name. Just saw the "OLD Players!!! Update" thread and was hit by a wave of nostalgia. Good old days.... Anyways.


I wanna start playing again but have absolutely no idea how to. Recently booted up SC2 for the first time in years and couldn't even find AoS. Like I said I've been away for such a long time I have no idea whats going on. Binge-played some ladder games the past 2 weeks but I want to play AoS that I loved so much.


So can you guys help out an old-timer like me? I need basic advice starting from where to find the game.



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Hello, glad to have you back! Are you from EU or NA?


Currently AoS pubs on EU are pretty dead maybe 1-2 pubs at time, NA is lot more active. Easiest way to find it is go in arcade then go in tab browse and put genre "Hero battle" altho on NA its usually on 2nd page in browse even without any filters, around 12th place.


Any specific heroes you are looking to play with?

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Thanks for the reply Zeratul! Exactly the kind of advice I was looking for!


I think I used to play on the NA server. I have the day off tomorrow so I guess I'll be at it all day and hope to be able to find games.


Once again my memory is foggy but I think I used to play Rory, Rancor and Jackson the most, although I was proficient enough with most of the heroes. I think I fell off playing a bit after Stukov was released.


Let me know if you have any more tips or advice. Really curious to see what the community is like now although I'm guessing its a lot smaller now compared to 3,4 years ago.



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Hey guys one more question.


Can someone explain how the current ranking system (bronze, silver, gold and so forth....) works? Is it true its still tamper-able by changing the bank files and subsequently does not accurately reflect the skill level of players? And how can I see a player's overall KDR?


Follow up question: I can see my overall KDR from the "old times" at something like 1600-1200 (forgot my exact win/loss ratio but I think it was some like 8:3). Considering I'm virtually starting all over again is it possible I can "wipe" it clean to 0-0 for a fresh start? A way of keeping track of my overall progress.


Any info related to the above would also be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Pretty sure I can only see my own KDR.


After playing around 20 games since my first post I noticed that compared to 4 years ago:

1. Players seem to be considerably nicer to newbs. Not as much raging towards them as compared to before.

2. The rank of the player seems to be completely irrelevant to how good they actually are.

3. Somewhat to be expected but its virtually impossible to find games at certain times of the day.

4. Less chatting in-game? (Might be a good thing as most of the chatter back in the day was toxic, raging etc.)

5. Tass is still OP.

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