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Who is the Best Int Carry In the World?


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Cast your vote below by making a comment or liking!


Top 5 shall be listed here. Forum admins, please help me keep tally (feel free to edit)!


Vote for as many players as you like! Of-course, you can only vote for a particular player once.



John: 1

Apache: 1

Fell: 1

Zorro: 1

Terminator: 1

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All of these are useless because people vote for those they play with the most.


To circumvent this nonsense, you could make it region-specific. "Who is best carry in EU?" for example.


That, and a lot of people in the community will not vote in this, because they are not on the forum - and of those who do, some are like you, Sharingan, and base the evaluation on idiotic metrics and a complete lack of understanding of the game. That, and people will vote for random mongs because they like them or because they like flobing up your vote.


And why the flob would you have more than one vote? Defeats the whole purpose.

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