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cool. I see you are chauvinist





I don't know fancy words like "chauvinist" - are you calling John a patriot?


He seems very well mannered tbh, just a tad depressing - like he's getting on a bit (old). But I just put that down to getting tired after 10 games in a row...


Also no idea where here's from, but I know he has a non-Australian accent.






    a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism.

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speaking of IH, I am in the mumble chat group if there's a spot open. ;) Sadly I don't own a mic though


Did you have any luck joining an inh last night ignaris?


Also I dont know the exact split but I would say it is probably near 50 50. I think eu players may have more of a voice tho.

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Out of curiosity, anyone have an idea on the NA to EU ratio on these forums?


I've played with Ignaris on NA before, he is a pubstomper and has much to contribute to the IH scene on EU.


Ignaris, if there are ppl in a mumble channel, you will see them. Double click on the channel and you will be able to see if you are able to join.


If you have no mic, you can send a text. Mics are a dime a dozen nowadays - you don't need a top tier mic, ppl can still hear you.


Most Inhousers are in several groups. When I first came over to EU, I joined the Aeon of Storms (EU) chat (arcade -> AOS then instead of pressing "Play" press "Join Chat". From there onwards you can find others and others can find you.


IHs usually on from 6pm London time weeknights.

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