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BHM / Nova / Grunty


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I'm a bit skeptic to nova ultimate with the recent change to bhm atm. I'm not sure which thing is broken the ultimate or bhm, but the combination together with her skill set seems stupid. There's barely any risk at all doing a 2k burst in early stages of the game which literally one shots anything that isn't a tank.

The main problem with this is that this is done while being cloaked and having a sprint incase she's scouted in time to prevent it the assassination. In other words the risk / reward seems way to favorable, especially considering this isn't a skill shot.


Other heroes such as Grunty was also buffed due to the BHM change, making him extremely strong early game. ( which might be ok considering that he falls off in late) But I still think that we need a dmg cap back on the item. I'm suggesting to make it a bit higher it was before the cap was removed, otherwise people will never get the item or get atom smasher instead.





I guess my point is that bhm is getting abused atm, mostly on nova and grunty, some kind of change is required.

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Yep, most likely the dmg that bhm gives will be reduced by a lot, so that if you actually want to go burst AA you need buy more items that give dmg, not just bhm. Most likely whats gonna happen is the other part that gives dmg will be removed so dmg that bhm gives will be 55->20 or 25. Another stat would be added, most likely some VERY small attack speed, like 12% or so, might be some other stat tho.

I think this is better change than putting cap back on because bhm is supposed to be an item used by heroes that have very spammable abilities, for example savage. Atm and before its only used for more burst dmg, basicly on any hero.


Nova ult is just retarded and needs rework, also its very stupid she can just use Q for no reason lol, that needs to be fixed. If she actually needed to use E for proc bhm, you think it would still be the same, considering its her only escape ability?

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