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Dev PC Fundraising IH Comp


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Guys, its 12.33 am and I can't sleep because i think that it's tragic that our principle dev doesn't have a PC that can play this game let alone test it.


I propose a simple IH comp to fund raise until the PC is repaired/replaced.


The objective of this league is to

1. have fun

2. raise enough money to fix PC issue

3. reward all particpants

4. introduce pubbers to inhouse


I propose:


- All participants pay an entry fee of $15-25 US - can add up if we get enough people. There's lots of kids playing this game so can't ask for too much.

- All participants are rewarded with a diamond badge. Let's face it, anyone can hack bank files until you get plat but very few do this until they get diamond. There's obviously no legit diamond badge that would have the right to object to this. No one can say "i've won every game" with the existing ranking system so its not fair these guys do an IH league and get insta diamond. I mean people get grandmaster badges instantly when they win a tourney or become admin. A diamond badge should be more readily availble (and disposable) than a new skin?

- 2 leagues will be held, one on EU, one on NA. If you want a diamond badge on both servers, you will need to pay and register for both leagues.

- There's no first prize skin - takes too much effort to implement. Maybe a different skin next time round (e.g. 2months from tourney) in addition to diamond badge.

No master/grandmaster badge will be up for grabs - let's not stress over making OP teams and who's the best players in the world are we don't want any rage or toxicity in comp.

- Everyone will register as a single. Caps will volunteer and on the day, will pick out of the singles pool. Teams will rotate and play with each other until everyone is satisfied they've had a blast - there's no losers because the only prize is for participation.

- Good games/replays will be immortalised on Youtube.


I play a lot and can confidently suggest the following times will have the peak number of players on


EU Server: Saturday 6pm-12am London time (4am - 10am Sunday Sydney time)

NA Server: Saturday 6pm - 12am Eastern Standard Time - for my fellow pacific/SEA friends, this is 10am - 4pm Sunday Sydney time


Phase 1: Check legality of this and if its OK with the dev team especially with ECKO and Adam. I mean surely Blizzard can understand that since they updated their patch, the specs was too high for our dev's PC. I mean were talking about a few hundred bux here.

Phase 2: Advertise forum link on AOS start/splash screen with a date - I propose advertise for Saturday 4th of Feb gives us 1 month to pull in the numbers.

Phase 3: Provide instructions so players can register with handle. Maybe use the donate facility here with the handle in the description.

Phase 4: Im hoping previous tourney winners/regular IHs will set an example on the day. Remember the goal is to have fun, fix dev PC and spread the love.

Phase 5: After great success repeat in 2 months time with new skin/different coloured name.


I expect that we will only be able to raise a few hundred bux each comp but if we do it a few times, we can get our dev a PC that actually works.


This is a great idea but would require a lot of support from the community and hopefully Blizzard's blessing.


If Blizzard decides a diamond badge is too much to help a dev who's spent thousands of hours working on a game for free then we just immortalise particpants on forumns and youtube but at least we'll get some good IHs going and some fresh blood.

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Funny thing is, I really considered doing this for Adam but wasn't sure how to go on about it. Thanks for putting it forward Shar.


I don't think an entry fee for the tournament is allowed because it would be mandatory.


Voluntary donations are the only legal way as I understand it. Personally, I would definitely be down to donating. Adam and his future pc are worth it. <3


I feel like Adam likes the fact that he can't open the game, easy peasy excuse :P



hahaha true true.

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So how do we donate money that goes directly to fixing the dev PC? is the forumn donation link appropriate or is that more towards website maintenance?


Maybe forumn donor badge enough incentive if its against blizzard rules for a comp that rewards diamond badges.

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