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How to tank as Drake


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How to tank as drake!


Click here for Youtube vid:


With some awesome pulls/dial/silversoul combos courtesy of John in an inhouse.


Laning Phase:

Deny oposing carry of creeps and let ally carry/jungle last hit creeps. It is better for the team if your carry gets fed.

Buy lost treasure and miners goggles as opening items to supplement income.


Team fights:

Bait/initiate/tank first few hits

Dial and silver soul is fun and can help your lance pull the enemies even further back.




If you want to learn how to pubstar 20-0-0 drake with 500 cs you came to the wrong place.


This is from an IH game where EYO drafted an op team of silences and stunners to counter Apache's team of casters.


Drake/warfield is a good laning combo.



Rory/LZ is another good laning combo - although they generally share creeps as opposed to a drake giving all creeps to warfield.

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Nice analyze


Knowing basics such different heroes roles, what heroes that have farm priority, freezing lanes in 2 vs 1 lanes, buying support items on support heroes is something that many new inhousers ( and some old inhousers too) aren't aware of.


Basically always doing what gives your team as a whole stronger in compassion with your enemy team is something that everyone needs to work on, myself included.

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bro shoulda seen that vergil panic against lz darp dustin draft - ran into enemy tower cuz better chance of survival


Fapache: fp vergil

EYO: p lz darpa




A good tip is to wait for enemy to waste CC on your front line. Press hotkey for Yamato -> Press R over their backline -> GG -> Pause -> Shap-talk -> Win. Proceed to gloat till next IH and spam chat/mumble chat. Most of the time people will get impatient and use valuable spells on unnecessary targets like Drake when they panic and get caught out.

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