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Hey guys,


Its been a while. Life's been pretty good to me this past year. Crazy how time flies.


Moved to CT in mid-2015, attained financial security, discovered board games, started a D&D group, and met a host of new friends. Working on a smaller, more personal game (outside of SC2), so I'm still game-devving away.


If you're in CT and wanna hit us up for some board games in the New Haven area, give me a holler via pm.




In other news, brax is getting married this month!




How has 2016 treated you so far?

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School is keeping me busy. I spend majority of time reading books nowadays.


Hey EKCO, really nothing has gone very well unfortunately,


reasons such as whale moving on, complex development for adam and scv, unsuprisingly people disappeared.


What you mean by complex development?

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The summoning of developers has commenced.


Did Red move with you?


Well I graduated and started full time employment as a structures and sheet metal design engineer at Deere in January. Play time has substantially decreased.


Have recently picked up casual heroes of the storm and found Drex, Iscariot, Lolita, Dan, Roon, and Harry all playing quite frequently.

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It's a more personal project so I'd like to keep it under wraps. I may talk about it another day.


Red is still in New York.




Jaysi, if you're at John Deere, do you know a Rafi? He may also be in structures (not sure what department).


If you want to ping me for HoTS, i'm down for that too!

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Started Med school this September. Somewhat matured nowadays, with no time to play video games while balancing a social life and being surrounded by alcoholics (not the patients..). Still trollin IRL to maintain sense of humour. May resume SC2/pop onto AoS during holidays. Intriguing how everyone's lives develops over the course of the time, we're all growing up ey?


- Skydie

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