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OLD Players!!! Update

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This made me laugh because when I think of the old aos players I think of the people that were playing before this group, but they have been gone so long that people dont remember them at all.


As for me, baby, school, and other games. Dont have time anymore to wait for an hour to get people together, then wait 2 hours for draft, all for a 15 minute long game, (also pubs sucks, plus ded game is ded)


Also 10 pm is best bed time

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Well I'm finally settled into my job out of college (3 years next January) and my new house. I'm also engaged and will be married next June as well. So life is what is happening and I can't just blow as much time away on computer games anymore... but I am on overwatch now so feel free to hit me up. AOS became too stagnant due to lack of development to keep me into it after that last tournament but I'm sure I'll come around if there are any future tournaments to catch up and play w y'all



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