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Smokey The Blazer


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INTRODUCTION: An obvious play on "smokey the bear". The concept is a pyromaniac that uses all fire based attacks.


Head Icon Image: Firebat


Summon (Smokey The Bandet)


Story: Since a very young age Smokey has always been fascinated with fire and had a knack with setting objects ablaze. At the age of 13, Smokey burned down his own home, killing both his parents. On the charges of arson, Smokey did some time on New Folsom for his crimes. However during the Zerg invasion, he was given an option of parole if he joined the Dominion force. When the dominion forces fell, Smokey became a free man and is now a mercernary for hire. He prides himself on his efficiency to quickly set fire to his enemies and burn them to the ground, striking with speed, although very sloppy, and cannot control where he spreads his flames to.


Strength - 12 + 3

Agility - 22 + 5

Intelligence - 17 + 4



Skill 1: Pressurized tank (toggled)- By outfitting his suit with highly compressed vespian gas tanks instead of the standard tanks, the flame he shoots burns hotter, shoots faster and shoots farther, doing more damage, speeding up his attack speed and has a wider AoE range. When this is active, each shot of flame cost vespian gas/energy.

Skill 2: Sticky Napalm (no energy cost)- Smokey tosses a can of gooey napalm that slows his enemies down when thrown at them for 4 seconds but does no damage by themselves. However when hit with his flame thrower, flames from his Afterburner or Self Destruct, it ignites causing a burning effect that last for the duration of the napalm.

Skill 3: Afterburner (toggled): Smokey customized his tank with spray nozzles on the back of his tank. He can use the spray nozzle to propel himself forward, shooting a stream of flame out of the back that stays on the floor for a few seconds. Anything caught in this path of fire, is delt fire damage. When toggled, Smokey gains a % of speed that goes up with each level. However using afterburner cost vespian gas/energy every second its on. Speed stacks with agility.

Ultimate: Self destruct (cost all remaining energy)- Smokey sets his own tank on fire causing his tank to explode outwards in a ball of flame that extends outwards in a radius around him causing some initial damage. The explosion sprays the flammable fluid on to whoever it touches and has a burning effect. It can be stacked with Sticky Napalm for a double afterburn effect. Smokey takes a % of damage in the process. With each level, self destruct does more damage and has a larger radius.


Passive Skill: Choose one of them.

1. Forest Fire (yup another smokey the bear parody) - Nothing makes Smokey happier than setting the forest on fire. When bushes, or trees are burned down, they are no longer an object that blocks vision to the otherside. (Setting trees on fire is actually part of the Starcraft gameplay (such as when hellions shoot at a zergling near a tree). If this is not possible to program with the map editor, use the alternative passive skills.

2. Heartburn - Smokey's attack can have a chance of ignoring spell resist.

3. Heated battle - Each consecutive attack from Smokey gives him a small amount of attack speed.// Or alternatively, each hero kills gives Smokey an amount to agility.

4. Arsonist - Gains a bonus when attacking enemy towers or buildings.


Attack range of: Varies based on Pressurized tank level. Base is 2.

Movement speed of ???





Affiliation: Neutral

Role: DPS/DoT

Theme: Fire


Model Animation

Heroes Name, Sub Title


Starting Hitpoints: 150 + (Base Strength * 19)

Starting Mana: Base Intelligence * 13

Starting Damage: ???

Starting Armor: (Agility/ 7) + ???




In Depth Explanation

The concept of Smokey is to use all fire based attacks. He relies on speed from afterburners to quickly get into combat or retreats. Smokey applies napalm to slow his prey and use his auto attack to do the majority of damage plus the after burning effect similar to the molotov, but unlike the molotove it only burns for when napalm is active. Unlike marytre from drake, he does not drain his life, but instead drains his energy (vesipan gas) with these skills active. When he toggles his attack buff, each attack does more damage, is faster and has a bigger AoE range, which is perfect for farming or transforming Smokey from a meele ranged hero to a semi decent mid ranged hero. However with Pressurized Tank toggled, each attack will cost some energy versus if he had it toggled off. On the flip side, Afterburner, much like on a jet, will boost movement speed, and leaves behind some damaging fire that may set off the napalm debuff if he applied them to his enemies already. So a good strategy is to use afterburner to run up to his enemy, napalm them and cut their retreat path off. This is also a toggled ability, that will also cost energy to sustain it. His last move is much like the shrapnel cloke, but it applies a burning debuff, just like the molotove, but at the same time can also proc the napalm, causing a double DoT. The initial damage should also be somewhat high since it will be doing a % of damage to Smokey as well as draining all of his remaining mana. Its the perfect move to use if Smokey is about to die or is close to killing a fleeing opponent. His high demand for energy, especially his self destruct, rendering him useless except for auto attack afterwards should somewhat keep him balanced, on an otherwise possible OP hero.


I believe this hero is somewhat unique to the rest of the Sotis hero selections as there is no toggled ability that buffs an auto attack. I debated to make him an intel character but decided he should be a speed character because of two factors. Most characters are either strength or intel casters. There is not alot of agility based characters. Both his toggle ability has to do with speed. On increases movement speed, and the other increases attack speed. Therefore I think he should be a agility character with a fairly high amount of intel.


(very rough draft of hero so far, will be editing and updates to come)

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The hero concept is good, but the formatting is really quite bad. It's actually quite painful to read through the wall of text.


Also, it's hard to tell how exactly skills would work without numbers. For example, Afterburner could be a short lived speed boost by setting the movespeed bonus and energy cost to be very high, or it could be a more constant speed boost if you set the movespeed bonus and energy cost to be low.

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