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Guide Formatting


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This is a collection of features that will help you format guides into a readable document. More will be added as features are requested.


Thread Title

- Titles should read [Hero Name - Version Number] Guide Description. For example:

[Omega.Starscream - v1.20] RNG's Spell Damage Support Yo

[system.Cyprus - v1.29] AA Path to Victory


Guide Contents

Cheat Sheet Section

- Short overview of guide, includes a brief visualization of skill build, item build, talent build.


- Everything else.


Item Icons

- All Item icons are listed under our collection of emotes.


- To create tables, go to Special BBCode Table _/Cell/Header/Row. The format should look similar to the following:


Column 1 Column 2

[td=25]Cell 1[/td][td=75]Cell 2[/td]

[td2]Cell 3[/td2][td2]Cell 4[/td2]


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