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Hi , I'm forever new


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Hi Im newguyftw from SEA (if my account name didnt state that clearly enough)

Im an scurb player on SOTIS ( is it now Aeon of Storms? ) , even scurbbier on LoL and DotA. Favourite heroes are jax/mrico/toxi etc etc. TBH I have no real favourtie hero....


i dont feel like having a new intro again


anw i just wish the managing team at AoS/Sotis to have an easy time at resolving all your issues :D

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Well hell new guy!


Toxi is beast; plain and simple. With enough feeds and items it is almost impossible to kill toxi. Sometimes on instinct I run from him even if I could kill him...he's just that beast.

Mirco is the same way but I run from him anyway due to the fact he can lift me up and place me near towers or the hungering maws of enemy hero's. Plus as Bio he can negate my ult pretty easily. :(


It's ok to not have a favorite hero! I'm glad Aeon of Storms produces many different kinds of heros because when the game starts and you're at level one you just don't know what you are going to go up against. It's al skill from there. Though I mainly play with BioTron I've dabbled in other characters.


Yes it is called Aeon of Storms now. :)


GL and HF! Hope to game with you soon!



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