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Aeon of Storms Trailer


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  • 1 year later...

Is the game getting worse or do we all just feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia?


the game is easily in a better position in terms of balance and fair game play. But the game is just so less fun now.



For me its probably the way the game was made more casual and the players. All the people i enjoyed playing with quit or are quitting.

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What else? First time hearing you disliking the talents. I don't think making it back to 25 talent points made the game challenging. It only gives more precise customization.


that was my point. Granted the defense tree was extremely strong in the old talents. And I don't necessarily dislike the current talents. But you only get 6 points to use and your absolutely required to throw two of those into fitness and swiftness. It used to be 3 with the old Zeal. It doesn't lead much room for innovated play. I know you said your going to rework the talents a bit. But i make some pretty strong points in this thread about talents. If you heaven t read it i suggest you take a look.


But i'll name three more.


Making Aeon spawn at 5 mins

Making deny a much weaker mechanic

Tassadar you can find my post here

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It's a necro, but since it's Quidditch he doesn't get warned.


It's a problem when you bring up an old thread without contributing anything to it; if you're adding something new or valuable to a thread, that's fine. But if you're not and it's irrelevant, whether it's a necro or new thread, that's when we start taking action.


(That goes without say that there's a limit. If we find any clues of you necro-ing for the sake of necro-ing, we WILL take action.)

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Chob, you're aware that you have a very limited amount of time to respond properly. I'm not going to take "But I was AFK" excuse. It's thanksgiving and to me you're clearly trying to ruin it.


Edit: I'll be having lunch outside. I should expect a proper answer when I come back. Also, your buddy Shablagoo seems to enjoy harassing me with written messages, and it's making the situation worse for you.

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