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I haven't played this game in awhile- obviously- but I think it would be fun to speculate on which heroes would be the most fun/OP/UP/etc. if AoS was played in the urf mode from LoL- 80% cdr, no mana costs, health costs are lowered by 50%, extra weapon damage and intelligence, extra movespeed, extra crit damage, and increased gold per second ( I think I got everything but I may have missed a random part of the buff).


The first hero that came to my mind is Boros with perma SS. I think he might be the most OP, barring new heroes that I don't know about. :)

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Seems like -wtf mode in AOS.

I don't think I've ever gotten to play wtf mode, so I wouldn't really know.


Micro's fast twitch doesn't get reduced by cdr does it? Cain or tosh would be the way to go for perma stuns. Or zeratul, if planar still stuns. :)

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