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Jamal was unable to vote due to an operation. However I am disappointed, yet not surprised, that John Bull decided to take us out of the EU. Aah well; the poor of England will get their just deserts. It is the working class who will suffer when mortgages, petrol, insurance, food prices increases. Meanwhile the Pound drops relative to other currencies, pensions are devalued and certain banks lose 30% of their value in hours. Honestly I feel bad for the dirty Scotsmen north of the border, they did a u-turn from 1975 and decided to progress in the correct direction. Unfortunately they will not be able to stay in the EU and neither will NI. Honestly as dictatorial as it sounds, would rather force NI and Scotland to stay in the UK, little 'England and Wales' does not justify the scale of the empire Britain reached just 94 years ago.






PS: flob NA + Hilary. Go Trump!

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