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FISTHEMALL Tournament 15th/16th Oct. 2k16


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Tournament Winners will be awarded

In-Game COLORED name.



This time we want to make a Whatsapp Group for the Captains and Co-Captains for organize the Matches.


So pls PM Darkterror with ur telephone number, or i give mine.





The Tournament will be at the Weekend 15th/16th October

Time will be 9AM Eastern Time // 3PM German Time like usual






Tournament format


-The tournament will be played as double elimination.

-Best of 3 Games in top bracket and bo1 in looser bracket

-Brackets will be randomly generated 1 weekend before the tournament starts

-15 min draft time limit ~30sec per pick ban, ~1min for double pick

-Loosers bracket best of one



Team Construction


-Teams will consist of 8 players MAX, 5 players and 3 substitute players.


Drafting Rules, Autobans and NA vs EU servers



The Default Game will be a DRAFT to determine Teams :


Only Captains will make the calls for picking and banning. Once each team's 5 heroes have been chosen, players can then choose which of those 5 heroes they wish to play. The ban and pick procedure is:


[Team 1] ; (Team 2)


1st Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) {1-1-1-1-1-1}

2nd Stage -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-2-2-1}

3rd Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-1; 1-1-1-1}



We think this draft system feels more fair and competitive if you learn what Heroes your opponents plan to play. This also allows you to counter-pick and develop necessary synergy.


Additional Modes:


If BOTH team captains agree you may institute:


Autobans (Banning heroes BEFORE the draft begins)


Remember if both teams do not agree to these rules, the default rules of draft mode with no autobans will be played. You must keep if none heroes has been agreed for auto bans.




If Teams are located primarily on different servers; matches between two specific teams will be split to be played on NA server / EU server.

The Server foreign Team is allowed to decide which side they want to play


A game of RPS will be played , BEST OF ONE, the winner choosing the server to play the first game on. The second game will be played on the opposite server. if there is a 3rd Game needed, there will be another RPS to decide the Server of the last GAME


Game-play and Brackets


- Brackets will be made 2 weeks before the tournament

- If a person if missing the team may use a substitute already registered to their team

- If no substitute is free the team may elect to kick the afk member from their team and pick up someone who is not on a team, the person kicked may not return. The player will be put into the singles category.

- Extensions will be given if both teams agree

- Games past the first initial games will have the same rules applied, must start within 15 minutes of both being free from previous games, unless teams agree on a break

- Finals and SEMI finals will be played on SUNDAY, unless determined otherwise

- Every Team has 1 RECOVER each GAME, if someone is disconnected after 5min. If someone is disconnected before 5min, just regame.




Organizers and Streamers



-Host will be the Clan Fissst around Darkterror and RiDz. If someone is interested to stream games, pls PM Darkterror, RiDz (Genesis) or comment this topic :)


Registered Teams





Registered Singles



pls check all rules... there are some little changes... we want to avoid problems at tournament weekend :)

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