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Cyprus Double Dipping?


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I'm not entirely sure it's what happens, but Cyprus seems to be able to have its pillars do damage twice in a combo.


I saw NA 2nd best DS player do: wall -> blink ->ult <at this point all the pillars have slammed into you> -> shock <all the pillars then move away from you, doing damage a 2nd time>.


If it's true, I think it should be changed so that pillars can only do damage to the same target once. I once faced such a combo as Starscream, with 2.7k health. I barely survived a combo after activating W, Protect and Galactic at the same time.

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The pillars when blasted away do damage to targets they hit, and then when someone ults the pillars do damage again. So yes they do damage twice. This would be a pretty big nerf, cyp is fine.


I'm saying that when you perform that combo in reverse, it does too much damage.


When you blast it away before ult, the target gets hit by a maximum of 2 pillars on blasting away.


However, when you blast the pillars after the ult has concentrated all the pillars into the target, he gets damaged by all the pillars - up to 9. It's a bit like Shadow Fiend's Eul trick except this one actually scales too well.

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