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How to play 2 v 8


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Dam dam dam:

Hi everybody,this topic is about suffering,pain, and other delights of AoS.


There are a lot of new players in pubs and it is good but there is the problem.

Even if they want to learn how to play (which is rare thing) they dont have any sourses of information about how to play,made for beginners.

As a result we have a lot of players without items,we have feeders and we have this topic.


I (Fe11) and Godlike played a lot in pubs and even yesterday there were 2 games where only we in team had items.

My ass burned in flames and I decided to share my ideas with you,so that your Asses were fine.




1. Players feed and dont leave game.

2. There are many heroes who are OP against noobs.

3. There is no possability to win if there are a lot of good players in enemy team who will buy real items vs your heroes.

4. You cant pick a lot of nice heroes cause you will just loose.

5. You have to had a least 1 teammate. (its better if you can talk)


-1 its a problem but most often they leave after 5-10 deaths and you have a chances.

-2 ... i just hate dat penthoses,boroses,cypruses,tassadares and other creatures of Adams fantasy.

-3 and they will rekt

-4 ling,micro and others will be useless

-5 nothing to tell there


Hero Picks:

Heroes you need should:

-be fat

-have dmg


We have tried a lot of hero combinations

We think that best heroes are:



I don’t call other heroes bad but in our opinion these are better.

When you pick heroes – try mix dmg (phys+spell) and it will be nice if you have heal.





Support items are needed there 100%

If you have a healer he should have cassia.

Look after enemies’s dmg , buy armor and spell resist.

If there are AA you should have chilling.

Buy more Sustain items like Ihan, Everthist and others.






It may seem strange but it doesn’t matter what you do.

Sooner or later your towers will fall and you will stay under T3.

All you should do – def and when 1-2 enemies are dead – push.

That’s all.

You just don’t need to know more cause if you cant do it – you are lost.


There may be billions of reasons why you lose, but if you will be doing the above - you will have the chance to win

Play safe.







It will be nice if you will post your replays.






PS. Playing support increase your IQ.



PPS. I have 3 in English.

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Nawwwww, never picked anymore or banned, I picked it last time and only game I have seen it played. Not saying its WEAK I am just saying its not STRONG. Its MILD. Actually people say it sucks all the time mumble or (isn't good).

OP lz owns tassa too. GG

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