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Alternate AoS Idealog


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This prospective changelog is intended to compile ideas that are primarily meant to focus on:

  • Consistency in themes and hero roles; keeping every hero as unique and defined/refined as possible.
  • Quality of Life changes.
  • Introducing fresh new ideas/mechanics to AoS (specific to heroes or general to the game); Reinventing, reimagining, and/or streamlining old ones.
  • Fixes & corrections.
  • Balance (duh!).

As our discussions progress here or elsewhere in the forums, I will try to continually update this changelog with suggestions people make for easy access and readability. If you have any particular ideas that you think will freshen up AoS that are not necessarily motivated by game balance, please giff me. More importantly however, GIFF ADAM YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY FOR MOTIVATION!!!! >____>


This should go without saying but all numerical values used in this changelog are subject to balance, so do not focus on them in any of your criticisms please.




Rating/Ranking System

Replaced with basic system that rewards players that play the game from start to finish (not leaving). Primarily geared towards pub community and fostering a friendlier environment. Winning grants rank points, losing grants none, and quitting delivers a severe loss of points as a penalty.




Bronze Ranks = 0 - 1000

Silver Ranks = 1000 - 2000

Gold Ranks = 2000 - 4000 (Alt Skin 2 for heroes accessible if available)

Platinum Rank = 4000 - 8000 (Alt Skin 3 for heroes accessible if available)

Diamond Rank = +10000 (Special Alt skin 4 with unique effects for heroes accessible if available and/or Tournament Edition Alts.)


Starting Points = 250

Winning Points = +50

Losing Points = 0

Quitting = -100


New "-Commend X" Command

Following the implementation of the previous rating system, the "-Commend X" command ought to be introduced, where X represents the player number.


Essentially, every player can use this command once per game, and it grants the player of their choice bonus rating points. Going by the numbers used in the previous example, the amount of points awarded would be something like "+15". The idea behind this is an extension of the new rating system and its intention to foster goodwill in pubs and reward players for displaying positive qualities like skill, sportsmanship, etc.


A player may commend any player on either team except themselves (So you can commend a worthy opponent for example). The command is not available in test mode, and you may not commend the same player twice in a row.


I considered the antithesis of this command ("-report") but this isn't the kind of community we want.


"-Kick" Command Conditions

The conditions that allow for a player to be kicked right now are too lenient, and easy to circumvent by trolls. We should extend these conditions to include players who have not gained any XP in X amount of time.


No XP gained should count for no activity. XP gained from towers or bosses should not count towards this.





Tower Denying

When towers' health drops below 10% you can deny them by attacking them. Denying towers halves the bounty the enemy team receives for the tower and deprives them of any potential XP.


'Base Under Attack' Alert

Currently the game is very ineffective at alerting players that your towers or any of your structures for that matter are being attacked. I suggest that a text based all-caps bold red text alerts the player (at the bottom of the screen where the chat log is not on top). I would also add a unique 'alarm' sound that is triggered with this event. To avoid it becoming annoying, this event can only triggered once every 30 or 60 seconds.





New River Runes


Sneeky (Lab Bot) - Grants temporary true cloak.


River Runes now spawn at fixed intervals of 120 seconds (even numbered minutes, e.g. 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, etc.) starting at the 2 minute mark of the game clock (not real time).









In the new talent system, you start the game with 3 talent points. You gain an additional talent point at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18.


There are 3 talent trees; Offense, Defense, Utility.


Each talent tree has 6 tiers. Some tiers contain 1 talent, some contain 2, and some contain 3. But you must always choose only 1 of these to climb up that tree.


So it would look like this:


Offense Talent tree


Tier 1: Talent 1

Tier 2: Talent 2a and Talent 2b - CHOOSE ONE

Tier 3: Talent 3

Tier 4: Talent 4a and Talent 4b - CHOOSE ONE

Tier 5: Talent 5

Tier 6: Talent 6a, Talent 6b, and Talent 6c. - CHOOSE ONE


All these talents are passive.


However there are up to 3 active talents which are Chronoboost, Recover, and Recall. To access them you must put 1 talent point in the first tier of each of the 3 trees. So you don't necessarily have to have all 3 active talents. You could end up with only 2 of the 3.


All 3 active talents automatically upgrade whenever you reach tiers 3 and 6 of their respective trees.


Chronoboost for example, grants 8% Time at Tier 1, 16% at Tier 3, and 24% at tier 6 of the offense talent tree.


Recall for example, grants you the standard recall at tier 1, Transport (structures only) at Tier 3, and Advanced Transport (structures, units, and allied heroes) at Tier 6.


The total number of talent points you can hope to gain and use in 1 game is 9; 3 at the start, and 6 you gain through out the game. Once you put a point in a talent, the point is locked and you can't go back. However, you can put points through the out the game.


The talents themselves will scale and reflect their tiers appropriately.









Complete Sale of Leaver's Items

The game will now sell a leaver's items automatically, even if they are outside his or her inventory when they leave.


Limited Full Resale Value

If you sell an item within a short amount of purchasing it (e.g. 20-30 seconds or less), you will be reimbursed its full price instead of half.




Rift Generator Alpha (New)

Components: Xel'Naga Cuirass

Suggest Price: 3000

Grants: 10% Movement Speed, Additional Spell and Physical Armor

Unique (Passive): Travel 3 - Grants an additional 15% Movement speed (Total 25%) when you have not taken damage from enemy heroes or towers in the last 15 seconds.

Unique (Active): Transport 1 - Teleport to allied structures. 90 second cooldown (shared with Warp Fragment)






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Most of it is pretty good but if we are fixing stuff i would just get rid of veteran, bonus xp cuz you picked a talent is dumb.


I agree that Veteran is shap, but the argument that you get a 'bonus cuz you picked a talent is dumb' could realistically be made for most talents.


I would prefer a different talent altogether, but for now I shifted the weight of veteran to heroic XP gain. Meaning the 'veteran' player will only be truly rewarded with the XP bonus if they are an aggressive player that actively seeks out and kills/assists in killing enemy heroes. Farming/Ricing 'veteran' players won't yield nearly as much benefit as before.


So it's a little bit less braindead than it is now if I may say so.

Edited by Jessika
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Veteran is not shap

You reaches lvl 6 before other heroes do and it's pretty huge


I didn't mean Veteran was shap in the sense that it was a bad talent. I meant it was bad for the game (broke, op, too strong, needs a remake, needs nerfs etc.).

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+100 Energy -> +150 Energy







[R] - Mad Craving


Energy Cost: 100/150/200 > 80 / 100 / 120


why costs a lot of mana? Better reduce! Tosh's attackers!





[R] - Bloodbath


Energy Cost: 125/175/225


also costs a lot of energy!!!!!!!!!!


Barlog have 630 energy ( without items) ! If he eats and get more life! 6 time * 225 Energy = 1350 Energy


My suggestion:


Energy Cost: 125/175/225 - > 120 / 140 / 160


Non-heroic energy cost half 60 / 70 / 80 (120 / 140 / 160) and Cooldown: 30 seconds half -> 15 secounds!!!!!


Example: He eats 6* 80 (Energy Cost) = 480 is fine! 630 energy - 480 enegry = rest 150 energy!



[W] - Sonic Screech


Spell Damage: 50/ 80/ 110/ 140 (+80%INT) >>> 100% INT

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I'd honestly just rework veteran

Ancient rune would be way too strong

Flares is already op in my opinion after all the buffs and now having 6 of them is too much, Its fine as it is.


For Veteran, the only way I can think of to keep with the "XP talent" theme without breaking the game is if the XP bonus is strictly from hero kills and assists. I believe it is the XP bonus from creeps and jungling that really tips the scales. This way at least, Veteran will be completely useless if you are actually NOT a veteran and are unable to sustain the XP bonus through ganks.


For Ancient Rune, yes you are right. I did the math just now and this can easily snowball out of control. I still have hope for this item so I'll think of something else.


For Flares, how about restructuring the item to be like boundary scanner. Rename it to 'Flares', 1 purchase = 3 charges. Price = 90.



There is a bunch of heroic passives that I am looking into right now that I believe need refreshing because they are either too bland/boring/outdated, too passive (zero interaction or synergy with the hero's spell kit), and/or just plain unthematic. Will post what I mean later.


I don't know if you noticed, but the intent behind some of these changes is to increase the pace of the game (thereby reducing real game time) since this was one of the main complaints echoed by several of you guys. But I'm trying to do it without compromising Adam's adjustments to the towers. I think mainly the changes proposed to the bosses, siege creeps, and the addition of transport/beacons could really create for a more action packed/dynamic experience with more risks and rewards in a way.

Edited by Jessika
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You realized this was developed to help junglers too right? Because junglers normally fall behind on laners, I believe this change would kill jungling.


No I didn't take that into consideration to be honest. But it's clear that Veteran has been corrupted beyond its original purpose and is being abused now, is it not?


What if the jungle creep XP is buffed slightly to compensate IF this proposed change cripples jungling like you say? Or even allow Veteran to give XP bonus from neutrals and heroes but not from lane creeps. I believe this could also be possible.

Edited by Jessika
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I don't think that is the purpose of talents. The T1 and to some extent T2 talents are meant to give you a humble buff to get you through the early-mid game, by covering some weaknesses in your hero/playstyle or by complimenting the strengths of your hero/playstyle. The only talents that should have any relevance for most of the game are the T3 talents IMO. The rest are meant to become obsolete 30-45+ mins into the game. It's the circle of life.

Edited by Jessika
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Zeal is useful the whole time during the game, amp spell damage is usefull the whole time alone with lifesteal, weapon speed, armor spell resistance is usefull whole time along with zeal, CD (tier 1) is def useful the whole time along with over lord to help against wave clear.....soooooooo rethink that statement. The only ones only useful early is wealth, youth , maybe weapon damage.

Edited by BlackXioN
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Zeal is useful the whole time during the game, amp spell damage is usefull the whole time alone with lifesteal, weapon speed, armor spell resistance is usefull whole time along with zeal, CD (tier 1) is def useful the whole time along with over lord to help against wave clear.....soooooooo rethink that statement. The only ones only useful early is wealth, youth , maybe weapon damage.


When you wanna put it that way, all the talents are of some use at all stages of the game. But are they really as relevant to you when you are 6 slotted and level 18? Are they significant? Just because some of them scale, doesn't mean they singularly matter. The spell amp talent for example is only really useful lategame if you intend it to be part of an ensemble of spell amps like gravity, argus, etc. On their own the talents that scale, scale poorly, but could potentially work as part of a build or a combo. For the most part though, my point still stands. T1 and T2 talents' impact is present like you said but ultimately negligible past early-mid game - as God EKCO Whale Adam intended.

Edited by Jessika
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I mean all except vet since it stop at 18, so you kinda just proved my point :), yes all still do SOMETHING even if its a smaller amount it still carries all game.


You can't measure the value or strength of something simply by how long it lasts.

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You could then say wealth only lasts until you have more money than you know what to do with... weapon speed talent only lasts until you hit the cap... I like Jessikas thought process on this subject. I typically don't like to get talents that arnt useful at level 18 but that's more of a personal choice when I know other talents would help me out more early game.


What if we changed fitness to a higher tier? That way you couldn't just be like, oh hey one point in fitness for that OP health bonus. Or turned it into a shield that recharges at a low rate, still protecting low hp heroes from burst but not scaling with certain heroes abilities and would seem less attractive to tanks. Although maybe abuseable with immortal... but hey maybe that's strategy :)

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