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hey adam


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not sure what you been doing or if you been busy these days/months but we need new heroes :) give something fresh to the play style of ih and pubs








kyrax ?








would really tank something fresh into the game without being like alarak or artanis. something really fresh and new on the skill set.

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don't buff rancor but make another evil rancor. black&purple color. all his abilities has to be black & purple.......

passive toggles snipemode zoomed in and everything so it's harder for you to play but amps all damages per lvl.

Q switch his gun into lazer with z gun add spell damages to AA but consumes 7% energy per sec to limit duration of q to 14 secs . in snipemode hold q consumes 7% energy per sec-increase 7% spell damage/per sec if ur lucky enough to hit the hero it does bonus damage plus if you somehow killed that hero bonus area damage because dead body exploded otherwise it's a small area damage. oh this can change to R and add massive amount of damage and aoe like regular boring nuking rancor.

W dark scan. instead of revealing enemy it blinds them take away sight radius.

E good old emp drains 20/25/30/40% current energy and does TRUE damage to the target same amount ofcourse.

R this should be good on medic but since medic doesn't have it here i go. makes barrier as big as yig's ult covering radius reduces incoming spell damage and or range aa damages. looks like null's regular shield barrier(not in aos) but in darker purple color.

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