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Utility Talent Tree Remake (and some other related stuff)


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So bear with me, as I am about to make a series of radical suggestions (which are a culmination of many smaller suggestions I made all over the place here in the last few weeks). Are you sitting down? K.


The goal of these suggestions (which must be considered as a whole package) is to:


1- Make utility talents sexier.

2- Increase counter push/map mobility options/fun! (see related thread in Balance Debates 'The Pace of Pushing').


Likely byproducts of these suggestions will be:


1- Rancor receives a new heroic passive

2- Possibly the creation of a new consumable item.



Okay, so here is the step by step process of what we could do:


1- Remove Return/Recall (D) from the game. *dun dun*


2- Replace it with a modified universal version of Transport. This modified universal transport allows heroes to teleport to allied structures only, has an interruptable channel time similar to 'Return', and has a cooldown that is neither too high or too low (let's say an arbitrary duration like 180* seconds for now). The goal here is to give players' the option to move about the map faster in response to attacks against their towers, to initiate attacks, or to retreat - but only by sacrificing one over the two at any given time. It opens up the dynamics of play and decision making tree for teams. Radical yes? But wait, there's more!


3- Replace current Transport on the Utility Talent Tree with a modified version of Wealth. Something like the spoiler below:




Wealth - Requires 3 points


Grants bonus 200 starting minerals, and 25%* bonus minerals from assists if you have not killed an enemy hero in the last 300* seconds.


No mineral bonus for killing enemy heroes, and again no bonus assist minerals if you made a kill recently. Killing a hero resets the cooldown (which appears as a passive icon ability next to the current Return icon in the User Interface at the bottom of the screen). This effectively makes Wealth the only tier 3 talent that is a passive ability.



4- Replace current Wealth on the Utility Talent Tree with:



Resourcefulness - Requires 2 points


Whenever you use a consumable, you are refunded 50%* of the cost.



5- Now that Rancor's unthematic (note how I value themes) has been repurposed as a universal utility talent. We can give Rancor a more interesting and suitable heroic passive. I can't think of an incredible one right now (and really there is so much possibility, he's a Ghost!) so you will have to make due with this decent albeit stolen one from the new Nova Covert Ops mission.



Rangefinder Oculus


PASSIVE: Rancor has +25%* sight range.



6- Obviously in light of the last 5 points, Transport can no longer be allowed to teleport to allied wards. However, as a mechanic we shouldn't do away with the basic idea of this completely - Because it is good and pro-fun! So I propose a new consumable:



Beacon (250)


Places a warp beacon at a target location that lasts 180* seconds. Allied heroes can use their transport ability to warp to these beacons.


Beacons are not cloaked, have a 2.5u* sight radius, and require 2* hero attacks to be destroyed.



Still with me? Thanks for reading!



*These values are placeholders and are subject to balancing.

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I always felt that zeal and demigod should be switched. As in Demi under blue zeal under red.


Yeah I get what you're saying. They're both actually 'offensive talents' when you think about it and would arguably both fall under the red.


Since Adam is in the mood to modify the talents (see new Demigod), maybe Zeal could receive a minor remake to more resemble a true defensive talent. Change the proc mechanic from damaging enemy heroes to getting damaged by enemy heroes, then adjust the stat bonus accordingly. It's only logical.



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Yes, what about them? They wouldn't work in AoS if that's what you were asking. RoA was a much larger and more spacious map, it had only 2 lanes separated by a vast jungle. The teleporter made perfect sense as you needed to quickly get from one lane to the next not just to stop the push, but to also reach your team's satellite base or 'fort'.


AoS already has transport and we already have the ability to transport to a consumable. What I am proposing is mostly opening up the decision making tree for players and teams. DotA has always had the ability to teleport to allied structures, in the form of a consumable item (Teleport Scrolls), and later on the more expense boots of travel. Both of these were limited by a shared cooldown. Baiting or forcing enemy teleports was a big part of the fun of having those, since once they are on cooldown - they can't escape with another teleport and some other part of the map they were not paying attention to is now vulnerable to attack.


Those same ideas and principles from DotA are being proposed to get adopted and streamlined for AoS. AoS has very limited movement speed items, and certainly none of them are cheap early game times. The ability to organize and respond to an enemy push is also really slow, which is one of the factors that is making tower pushing into tower mowing in AoS.


A universal transport replacing 'Return' with a balanced cooldown solves many of these problems and creates many new strategies and counter strategies. Since both teams and all heroes will possess it, it will balance itself out. It's not that big of a stretch and certainly won't break the game.


The game needs a minor facelift, it's a new AoS era, and it's 2016, so let's shake things up a little! :D

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