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I am tired of (loveyourself)


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hey all, i am tired of this low life scum that ruins the game or even start the game, he flobing sits in lobby and kicks all players randomly for no flobing reason, he did that multiple times for hours. i dont know what is the flobing solotion to this flobing flob... i flobing hate him so much. alot of players cant play because of him.... please BAAAAN HIM.

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He did this to me also. The sad soul just sat in a lobby for hours kicking ppl to hold up the community.

So our 5 man party invited another 4 man party and invited 1 more player - ez. We had some good games with no trolls.

Loveyourself would've sat in that lobby for another hour with no one to kick =(

Moral of the story: community just needs to stick together, form parties and make another lobby.

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It's not that Adam doesn't care, it's because he can't prevent Loveyourself from trolling lobbies.


I propose that as a community we encourage hosts to kick Loveyourself from lobby.

If Loveyourelf keeps re-joining the game or if he is host, ask everyone in the lobby to form a party and create a private lobby.


We will do this until Loveyourself's behaviour improves.


Keep in mind that Loveyourself is a person with feelings and from his behaviour may actually be disabled or fail at life. So there's no need to bm him just need to adapt to get around him.


After he realises no one wants to play with him because of his behaviour, he may learn his lesson but regardless, other players get to play quality games.

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Are you seriously still harping on this Aeren? Someone gave me an id of a player they said was loveyourself. I put the id on the auto kick list. What would I gain from lying about this? Are you just trying to annoy me? Because if so, you're doing a great job.

Ight. My bad for being rude

I got ill emotional since i'm not even playing aos anymore in my time zone cuz of constant trolls

Since game announces everytime loveyourself dies, I thought there is something like a player recognition saved in map

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