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Hi most of you probably don't know me or the person I am going to be talking about in this post and that's ok, this is mostly for those that knew xdrevolution (aka Brett).


I am sorry to say that in a collision last night Rev has passed away. I never met him nor did I know him on a personal level. But as a online friend of over 4 years I just wanted to make sure people that knew him here or through sotis or even league remembered him as a part of a community.


Sorry if this post isn't supposed to be allowed here, I just thought people should know.





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I didn't know him(or was this like, thee Revolution?), but it's always sad to see any loss of life. May he rest in peace .

It was.


Me and Corsa recently spoke to Revolution on Mumble, it was weird the dude instantly recognised my voice even after a year, we had an enjoyable conversation talk with the 'old-NA' and bond over old memories. I recently spoke to Revolution again in Wolf's mumble to see him joking around as 'TheRealRev' to mess with Revision, those kinda things are what we'll remember him for, a jovial guy without a bad bone. The kinda guy who is a laugh but takes 30 mins out on Mumble just to answer some EU player's questions on LoL. That is the kind of guy he was.


I find the spirit of AoS encapsulated in a post written by Gino some time ago (unedited):


You reference us elitist Ihers, yet say we're not nerds somehow. How are we not among your group of elite baller nerds if we get together every night to play some mini game with the same 40 people? SOunds pretty nerdy to me.


We are all just players. People who come on (or used to) come on every night to play AoS with the same people and spend hours with each other. Hours which we may not even spend with our families. Remember that when you flame your teammates for feeding or missing a pick, that there is a person behind the screen. A fallible person who you may or may not see for the last time when you click that X in the top right hand corner.

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