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Suggestions for future AoS Heroes


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Years ago I used to do a lot of hero suggestion write ups for this forum and then for RoA. Some sucked, some were decent, some actually won a competition here and some others actually made it into the game in some capacity. I was going over all the saved files to see if there is anything good that could come out of them. So I quickly adapted the best ideas left over from that era and put them together for perhaps one last go. Maybe they will end up in the game, or maybe someone will take the ideas and improve them. Who knows, who cares. They're better off here than rotting in my hard drive. So let's begin.


I have about 15-20 of these hero suggestions, but I only salvaged and presented what I think is the best fit for AoS in 2016. Heroes that are different than the rest of the roster, bring some new ideas and gameplay elements to the table even, or just make the best use of the available SC2 assets and animations. I have a thing for supports and specialists. I would've included a Vorazun and Fenix.Talandar concept but they were too easy and we just got 2 Protoss heroes. So these are the ones I went with. So do excuse my bias here.


Overseer/Overlord Hero





Hero Model: Overseer (or Overlord)


Suggested Name(s): Azathoth.Overlord


Attribute/Role: INT Ranged Support/Caster, Anti-carry


Basic Attack Animation: Primal Kerrigan (Psi Blast) or Torment Construct (Torment Bolt)


Quick summary: High base INT and INT gain per level, Moderate STR and STR gain, very low AGI and AGI gain, slow MS and AS, but long attack range.


General Motifs: Superior intelligence, knowledge is power, mental domination, brains, minds, Anti-Agility, anti-carry, mental disturbance.




HP - Oversight


PASSIVE: +5 sight range, flying vision (can see high ground), and can attack/cast spells in 360 degrees (no need to face target). If Overlord has been attacked in the last 8s, he temporarily loses the sight range bonus.


Q - Overpower


ACTIVE: Allied heroic single target unit ability that replenishes energy equal to (20/25/30/35% of target’s missing energy) and then deals that same amount as spell damage to enemies in a 2.5u radius around the allied target, and pushes them away 2u. Cast range 6u. Low-Moderate cooldown and high energy cost.


W - Occipital Germ


ACTIVE: Enemy heroic single target unit ability that spawns a parasite (changeling model) that scuttles towards target and infests them. Once infested, applies a temporary debuff that reduces energy regeneration by 60% and INT by 20/30/40/50. Grants vision of target for entire duration. Multiple instances do not stack only refresh. Lasts 15 seconds.


The Occipital Germ projectile has 50 HP, 100% SR, and 4 MS. Cast range 12u. Low cooldown and moderate-high energy cost.


E - Psychosis


ACTIVE: Enemy heroic single target unit ability that temporarily reduces their sight radius by 1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5u, removes their ally vision, and spawns a shadow of them that follows and attacks them, dealing (40% of their weapon damage). Lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds. Cast range 8u. Low cooldown and moderate energy cost.


Shadows are NPC and invulnerable to attack.


(Note the similarity between this and the old Shadowmourne item)


R - Overkill


ACTIVE: AoE target point ability that generates a blast (medium-large radius AoE, uses Apocalypse ability animation from HotS campaign) dealing spell damage equal to (70% INT) + (6/7/8 times the difference in INT between you and affected enemy heroes) and burning energy equal to 40% of Max Energy.


If affected enemy heroes have INT equal to or greater than you, no spell damage is dealt. Cast range 6u. Moderate-high cooldown and high energy cost.





Hybrid Nemesis Hero



Hero Model: Hybrid Nemesis


Suggested Name(s): Hybrid.Nemesis


Attribute/Role: INT Ranged Support/Caster, Anti-caster


Basic Attack Animation: Primal Kerrigan (Psi Blast) or Hybrid Nemesis (Annihilation Beam)


Quick summary: High base INT and INT gain per level, Moderate STR and STR gain, very low AGI and AGI gain, slow MS and AS, but long attack range.


General Motifs: Archenemy of casters, anti-INT INT hero, Anti-Maar, Maar’s more evil brother.




HP - Harbinger of Oblivion


PASSIVE: Enemies in a 10u radius around Nemesis lose 0.5% Max Energy/s and an additional 5% Current Energy every time they cast an ability.


Q - Rampage Burst


ACTIVE: AoE target point ability that bombards an area with energy blasts (Medium AoE radius, uses Rampage Construct attack animation) dealing a total 175/250/325/400 + (70% INT) spell damage. Spell damage is divided equally among enemies affected in AoE. Cast range 8u. Low-moderate cooldown and high energy cost.


(Note: There should be a damage floor somewhere between 5 and 10, so that after a certain number of targets, the minimum damage per target is fixed.)


W - Mark of the Feast


ACTIVE: AoE target point ability (Medium AoE radius) that applies a decaying debuff that reduces movement speed and spell resistance of enemies affected by 20/30/40/50% for 5 seconds. Enemies will regain lost movement speed and spell resistance over duration. Allies that damage affected enemies during that time will leech energy equal to 20% of any damage they dealt. Cast range 8u. Moderate cooldown and high energy cost.


E - Void Shift


ACTIVE: Allied or enemy single target unit ability that causes target to phase out for 3/4/5/6 seconds. During that time, target cannot attack or be attacked (immune to physical damage), but can cast abilities and be damaged by Single Target and AoE spell damage. Cast range 8u. Moderate cooldown and high energy cost.


Uses Hybrid Nemesis Phase Shift ability animation.


R - Nightmare


ACTIVE: Instant cast AoE ability that causes any spell damage dealt to Nemesis and affected allies to heal them an amount equal to 100/125/150% of spell damage dealt. Medium-large AoE radius. Lasts 4/5/6 seconds. High cooldown and energy cost.





Ascended Kerrigan/Xel'Naga Kerrigan Hero



Hero Model: Kerrigan Ascended


Suggested Name(s): Antares.Ascended, Antares.Celestial


Attribute/Role: STR Ranged Support/Caster, Durable


Basic Attack Animation: Kerrigan Ascended (Celestial Beam)


Quick summary: High base STR and STR gain per level, Moderate INT and INT gain, very low AGI and AGI gain, slow MS and AS, and short-medium attack range.


General Motifs: Phoenix (DotA and X-Men) of AoS, blinding light, radiance, a walking star, brightest star.




HP - Celestial Brilliance


PASSIVE: Enemies that attack Antares with their basic attacks will have their sight range reduced by 80% and will be silenced for 1.5s.


Will not proc on the same target more than once every 12 seconds. Antares casting abilities refreshes this cooldown.


Q - Quantum Ray


ACTIVE/TOGGLE: Target point ability that fires a continuous beam (2.25-wide AoE, 7u long) towards target location. The beam deals 20/25/30/35 + (2/3/4/5% of Max Health/s) spell damage to enemies and heals allies for 10/12.5/15/17.5 + (1/1.5/2/2.5% of Max Health/s) Health Points caught in its line of fire.


Lasts 7 seconds. Applies heroic passive. Low-moderate cooldown and moderate energy cost for activation, followed by 6% of current health/s. Can be reactivated to cancel early.


Uses Ascended Kerrigan’s Quantum Ray ability animation.


W - Solar Flare


ACTIVE: AoE target point ability that fires a flaming orb towards a target location (Small-medium AoE radius, uses Oblivion Construct attack animation) dealing 100/150/200/250 + (10% Max Health) spell damage and causing enemies affected to miss every other basic attack.


Debuff lasts 7 seconds. Applies heroic passive to enemies hit. Low-moderate cooldown and 10% Max Health for energy cost.


E - Solar Return


ACTIVE: Allied single target unit ability that teleports target to Antares after 4.5/3.5/2.5/1.5s channel time. Cast range 15/30/60/120u. Attacking Antares interrupts channel. High cooldown and energy cost.


Uses Ascended Kerrigan Creep Teleport ability animation.


R - Supernova


ACTIVE: Instant cast self ability that causes Antares to channel for 5s becoming invulnerable to damage and dealing 3/4/5% Max Health/s spell damage in a large AoE around her during that time. At the end of the channel, Antares explodes stunning enemies affected in area for 1.5/2.5/3.5 seconds and recovers 30/40/50% of missing health.


The channel can be interrupted by 5/7/9 hero basic attacks. Applies heroic passive to attackers during channel and to enemies affected by the explosion. High cooldown and energy cost.


Uses Ascended Kerrigan Extinction ability animation.


(Note: I realize the striking similarity between this concept and DotA 2's Phoenix hero, and it isn't coincidental. The original concept was intended for a Colossus hero, but when I saw the Ascended Kerrigan model's animations, I just knew that I had to merge the first concept with Phoenix'.)



Karax Hero



Hero Model: Karax


Suggested Name(s): Karax.Phase-smith, Karax.Phasesmith


Attribute/Role: INT Ranged Support, Utility, Pusher


Basic Attack Animation: None (See Heroic Passive)


Quick summary: Moderate to high INT and INT gain, moderate to high STR and STR gain, and very low AGI and AGI gain. Slow walk speed.


General Motifs: Unconventional utility support hero, ubiquitous presence, The 'Abathur' of AoS, indirect but powerful impact, cannot be underestimated.




HP - Servitor Drones


PASSIVE: Karax is followed by up to 2 automated Servitor Drones that assist him in his attacks. Each Servitor Drone deals 25 + (25% INT) Weapon Damage, and has 4.5u attack range. Karax’ can cast all his abilities within 8u of a Servitor Drone.


ACTIVE: Allied heroic single target unit ability that deploys 1 of the two Servitor Drones to assist them. Deployed Servitor Drones will follow and assist the target with their basic attacks, and allow Karax to cast all his abilities in their vicinity.


Servitor Drones are immune to attack, and will return to Karax if their host hero has been killed. Reactivate to choose new target. 1 Servitor Drone must always remain with Karax. High cooldown and no energy cost.


Q - Phase Cannon


ACTIVE: Target point ability that instantly warps in a Photon Cannon to attack enemies. Photon Cannons deal 20/30/40/50 + (25% INT) spell damage, deal 50% splash damage in 1.5u around targets, have attack range 6u, sight range 10u, and have 100/200/300/400 + (35% INT) Health. Up to 3 Photon Cannons at a time can be deployed. 3 charges.


W - Master Phase-smith


PASSIVE: Each Servitor Drone grants a stacking 0.5/0.75/1.25/1.5% Missing Max Health and Energy regeneration/s to allies in a 10u radius around them.


ACTIVE: Instant self-cast ability. Each Servitor Drone temporarily grants a stacking +10/15/20/25% Attack Speed and doubles the Missing Max Health and Energy regeneration to allies in a 10u radius around them. Lasts 6 seconds. Low-moderate cooldown and moderate energy cost.


Photon Cannons and Disrupter Drones benefit from the passive and active W.


E - Disrupter Drone


ACTIVE: Target point ability that warps-in a Disrupter Drone onto the battlefield. Disrupter Drones are stationary, unarmed, and invisible structures that have a 12u sight range. Disrupter Drones possess the unique ‘Disruption’ aura, that hides allied units and heroes from the enemy minimap in a 15/20/25/30u radius around them. Level 4 Disruption Aura will remove allied vision from enemy heroes that are in its area of effect. Up to 1 Disrupter Drone can be deployed at a time. High cooldown and energy cost.


Disrupter Drones require 3 hero attacks to be destroyed.


R - Orbital Strike


ACTIVE: Target point ability that fires laser shots from orbit, each dealing 50/75/100/125 + (60% INT) spell damage in a 2.5u radius. 3/4/5 charges. Moderate-high cooldown (0.5s cooldown between each charge usage) and energy cost.


Based on and uses LotV campaign Orbital Strike ship ability’s animations.



(Note: This hero was originally an Abathur inspired RoA Infestor concept. However, the Karax model and animations from the campaign satisfy similar criteria so now this is my take for an Abathur-like hero for AoS instead)












Left to right




Azathoth.Overlord (and alt)




Karax.Phasesmith along with his utilities; Servitor Drone, Photon Cannon, and Disrupter Drone.

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Is it possible to use the spear of adun animations?

Like the solar lance and time stop



I made karax vorazun and talandar hero and showed karax to Adam


I don't know about the HUD display part of those abilities, but the actual animations shouldn't be a problem. When you consider what some have been able to do with custom maps, I don't see a reason why the HUD display even couldn't be adapted (although it really isn't necessary as we've seen multi-point spells like Kuradel and Greelus ults).

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The actual animation

I can't find them anywhere in the editor


Haven't really looked for them but I know there is like at least 3 orbital laser animations in the editor. I named them in the Visual-Aesthetics thread earlier. Not sure about the single shots though, but I'm sure they are somewhere since they are in the game.

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So finally got around to finishing these. This is the last batch of old hero concepts, repurposed and refreshed for AoS in 2016. Hopefully they will prove to be useful to you.



Vorazun Hero Concept





Hero Model: Vorazun


Suggested Name(s): Vorazun.Nerazim, Vorazun.Matriarch


Attribute/Role: AGI MeleeCarry, Assassin


Basic Attack Animation: Shadow Scythe


Quick summary: High to very high AGI and AGI gain, Low to moderate STR and STR gain, and very low to low INT and INT gain. Fast walk speed.


General Motifs: Shadow, Vengeance, Phantom Assassin or Riki (DotA) of AoS




HP - Vendetta


PASSIVE: Vorazun’s basic attacks apply a debuff that reveals targets to her. This debuff interacts with her other abilities. Lasts 8s.


Additionally, enemy heroes that gain a kill or assist will have this debuff applied to them automatically (if Vorazun is alive). Does not stack, only refreshes.


Q - Shadow Strike


ACTIVE: Target unit ability that teleports Vorazun near-instantly to target gaining 30/40/50/60% attack speed for 4 seconds upon arrival. If enemy target unit is marked by Vendetta, deals 100/150/200/250 + (60% Weapon Damage) physical damage upon arrival. Cast range 4/5/6/7u. Low cooldown and moderate energy cost.


If target is allied unit, no attack speed is gained.


Uses Vorazun Shadow Dash ability animation.


W - Shuriken


ACTIVE: Target point ability that hurls a shuriken star towards a target location, hitting the first enemy unit on its path and then bouncing to the nearest enemy target. On hit, deals 50/100/150/200 + (50% Weapon Damage) physical damage, slows movement speed by 40% for 2.5s, and applies on hit effects (including heroic passive). 2 charges. Cast range 7u. Low-moderate cooldown and moderate energy cost.


E - Veil of Shadows


PASSIVE: Vorazun gains permanent invisibility and 20/30/40/50% evasion. Additionally, Vorazun will deal +150% weapon damage when she breaks invisibility with a basic attack, 200% if the target was marked by Vendetta. Invisibility fade time is 8/6/4/2s. Break damage is only dealt from basic attacks and has an internal cooldown of 14/12/10/8s.


Casting abilities breaks invisibility, foregoing break damage.


R - Shadow Fury


ACTIVE: Instant cast AoE (Large AoE radius) ability that rapidly teleports Vorazun around the battlefield, striking all targets marked by Vendetta only. Vorazun strikes up to 6/8/10 times, and each strike deals 100 + (150/200/250% Weapon Damage) physical damage.


Shadow Fury will randomly strike targets marked by Vendetta but will not strike any marked target twice consecutively (unless there is one target in the AoE). If no targets are marked by Vendetta, Shadow Fury does nothing. High cooldown and energy cost.


Uses Vorazun Shadow Fury ability animation.


(Note: This was an old Mutalisk concept I had. When I saw the animations available to the Vorazun model, it was very easy to repurpose the idea for her. Vorazun as a character also greatly reminds me of the modern Rikii or Phantom Assassin from DotA so I drew some inspiration from there too.)




Devourer Hero Concept



Hero Model: Devourer


Suggested Name(s): Cesspool, Nargil.Devourer, Slithe.Devourer


Attribute/Role: INT Ranged Caster/Support


Basic Attack Animation: Parasite Spores (Corrupter Attack Animation)


Quick summary: High base INT and INT gain per level, Moderate STR and STR gain, very low AGI and AGI gain, slow MS and AS, but long attack range.


General Motifs: Disease, epidemic, plagues, maladies, filthy, untouchable,




HP - The Unclean One


PASSIVE: Basic attacks against or from Cesspool, and all his abilities, apply a debuff that reduces timescale and healing by 16%. Lasts 4s.


Q - Caustic Spray


ACTIVE/TOGGLE: Channeled target unit ability that emits a stream of acid that deals 20/30/40/50 + (1/2/3/4% Current Energy) spell damage/s. Deals 50% damage to structures. Damage lingers for 2s. Cast range 4u. Low cooldown and moderate energy cost for activation followed by 4% current energy/s. Lasts 10s. Can be reactivated to cancel.


Uses Corrupter Caustic Spray ability animation.


W - Sedative Spores


ACTIVE: Instant cast AoE ability (5u radius) that reduces the attack and movement speed of enemies around Cesspool by 10/12/14/16%, refreshing and stacking up to 3 times. Lasts 8s. Very low cooldown and moderate energy cost. Can be cast during active Q and will not interrupt channel.


E - Terrible Affliction


ACTIVE: Single target unit ability that afflicts a target with a debuff that deals 5% Current Health spell damage/s. If the target casts a spell during the active duration, consumes debuff and deals 100/150/200/250 + (50% INT) spell damage and silences them for 2s. If the target attacks during active duration, consumes debuff and disarms them for 2/3/4/5s.


If debuff expires without target attacking or casting abilities, then no damage, silence, or disarm is dealt. Lasts 5s. Moderate cooldown and high energy cost.


R - Pestilence


PASSIVE: Debuffs on enemy units and heroes in a 12u radius around Cesspool last 25/50/75% longer. While buffs on enemy units and heroes last 12.5/25/37.5% shorter.


ACTIVE: Refreshes the timer of all active debuffs on enemy units and heroes in 15/30/60u radius around Cesspool and doubles their duration. High cooldown and energy cost.



A.R.E.S Hero Concept


I'm copy/pasting this concept as is with all its glorious formatting from yonder years. This was one of my absolute first hero concepts for AoS, later repurposed for RoA, and now full circle back to AoS again. Still clinging to it cuz I think there is something damn cool about the ARES warbot model.







Heroic - 120mm Shredder Cannons / Purifier Flamethrower / Onslaught Missile Salvo


TOGGLE/PASSIVE: Monolith can toggle between 3 weapon modes, which modifies its primary attribute, basic attack, and its W spell.


120mm Shredder Cannons (AGI-Default) - Range is 4, +15% Attack Speed.

Purifier Flamethrower (STR) - Range is 2, deals 100% Weapon Damage in a linear AoE 1.5u wide, 2.5u distance.

Onslaught Missile Salvo (INT) - Range is 6, attacks deal bonus 25 + (25% INT) Spell Damage in area around target.



1.5s channel time to toggle weapon modes.

Can toggle while on the move.

Based on and utilizes all 3 weapon mode animations of ARES Warbot model from WoL campaign.

Monolith's starting attributes and attribute gain per level are all equal (but moderate).



Q - Target Acquired


PASSIVE: Monolith’s basic attacks apply a debuff on up to 3 targets at a time, that reveals them for duration and grants bonus effects depending on which weapon mode is active. Lasts 7s.


120mm Shredder Cannons - If Target Acquired, attacks gain 12/18/24/30% Critical Chance

Purifier Flamethrower - If Target Acquired, attacks apply Burn for 3/4/5/6s. Non-stacking.

Onslaught Missile Salvo - If Target Acquired, attacks and W deal +15/22/29/36% Spell Damage.



The Target Acquired debuff is removed if duration finishes, if enemies move more than 20u away from Monolith, and/or if Monolith chooses a new target beyond the cap.

Only Monolith's AA benefits from Target Acquired, not allies’.

Cloaked and burrowed units that have been 'acquired' are revealed.



W - Reaper Harpoon (120mm Shredder Cannons Mode)


ACTIVE: Monolith fires a harpoon at a target location that latches on to the ground or to the first target it hits, stuns them for 1s and pulls Monolith towards the target.


While being pulled Monolith gains 100% Movement Speed and will drag all enemies on its pathway to the target. Dragged units cannot attack, cast abilities, or move. Cast range 6u. Moderate energy cost and cool down.



Monolith cannot attack or cast abilities while being pulled.

Monolith can latch onto allies but won't stun them.

Monolith cannot move through terrain obstacles such as cliffs or walls and will stop upon encountering them.


W2- Napalm Jet (Purifier Flamethrower Mode)


ACTIVE: After 0.75s delay, Monolith soaks a target location in sticky napalm fuel (5u radius) for 3/5/7/9s. Enemy units caught in the AoE lose 35% movement and attack speed. Cast range 7u. Low-to-moderate cool down and energy cost.



Enemy units will continue to lose movement and attack speed so long as they remain in the spell's AoE. Effects desist as soon as they leave AoE.

The napalm puddle grants 5u radius vision for duration.


W3 - Hunter-Seeker Missile (Onslaught Missile Salvo Mode)


ACTIVE: Monolith fires a single homing Hunter-Seeker Missile at a target enemy unit, that deals 100 + (10/20/30/40 x units of distance traveled) Spell Damage and stuns for 0.8/1.2/1.6/2s. Maximum range 15u. Cast range 6. Moderate energy cost and cool down.


The Hunter-Seeker Missile is considered a flying unit, has 5u radius sight range, 2.8 movement speed and will self-destruct upon reaching maximum range - dealing no damage.



The Hunter-Seeker Missile utilizes the Widow Mine’s Sentinel Missile projectile animation.

It takes 3 hero attacks to destroy a Hunter-Seeker Missile.



E - Electromagnetic Armor


PASSIVE: Monolith's EM hull plating grants it Max Health equal to 10/15/20/25% of Max Energy, and stuns enemies that physically attack Monolith for 0.5s.



Stun effect will only procure once every 12 seconds on the same target.



R - M.A.D. Protocol


ACTIVE: Monolith gains 5/7/9% Attack Speed and Movement Speed for every 10% of Max Health missing below 70% Max Health. Lasts 10s. High cool down and energy cost.


PASSIVE: Upon death, a 3s countdown begins and Monolith becomes invulnerable to damage; it cannot attack or cast abilities. When the countdown is over, Monolith self-destructs, dealing 100 + (15% Max Health) Spell Damage in a 3u radius.



During the countdown, Monolith can move, and is not immune to debuffs (slows, stuns, lockbox etc.).

Passive effect has no cool down or energy cost.











Left to right







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I think only the markers are present, not the lasers itself



I looked into this further:


Under doodads there are two beams, Cybros and SOA beams.


Under units, there are also two Purifier beams.


Under units > sets, there is a whole range of stuff related to 'orbital strike'. Searching for just 'strike' comes up with a long list of stuff. I'm sure one of these is the animations for the laser shots.

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Found an old Warfield/Warhound concept, good match for Fenix/Talandar.



Hero Model: Fenix


Suggested Name(s): Fenix.Talandar, Talandar.Purifier


Attribute/Role: STR Melee Initiator, Bruiser, Support


Basic Attack Animation: Purifier blades


Quick summary: High STR and STR gain, moderate INT and NT gain, and low AGI and AGI gain. Moderately fast walk speed.




HP - Pneumatic Legs


PASSIVE: While moving, Fenix gains a stack of Pneumatic Legs every 2s. Each stack of Pneumatic Legs accelerates his movement speed by 5% and will remain so long as Fenix keeps moving. These stacks interact with some of Fenix’s abilities. Stacks lasts 3s, up to 5 stacks, and refresh.


If Fenix stops moving for 3s or more, stack count resets to zero.


Q - Whirlwind


ACTIVE: Instant self cast ability that causes Fenix to spin, gaining 8/10/12/14% + (5%*# of HP stacks) MS and dealing 20/30/40/50 + (70% Weapon Damage)/s physical damage in a 1.5u radius around him. Lasts 8s. Can be reactivated to cancel early. Low-moderate cooldown and moderate energy cost.


Consumes all current stacks of Pneumatic Legs upon activation. While spinning, Fenix can move but will not gain additional stacks of Pneumatic Legs. Fenix is vulnerable to attack while spinning.


Uses Fenix Whirlwind ability animation.


W - Thunderous Charge


ACTIVE: Target point ability that causes Fenix to charge towards a target direction, striking the first enemy he hits. On hit deals 100/150/200/250 + (60% STR) physical damage and stunning for 0.5/1/1.5/2s. Nearby enemies in a 2.5u radius around the main target are damaged and stunned for half its physical damage and stun duration.


Consumes all current stacks of Pneumatic Legs upon activation, dealing an additional 40 + (10% STR) physical damage and stunning an additional 0.5s per stack consumed to the main target. Cast range 3/4/5/6u. Moderate cooldown and energy cost.


Uses Fenix Thunderous Charge ability animation.


E - Last Stand


PASSIVE: For every 10% of Fenix’s Max Health missing, Fenix and allies in 8u radius gain +2/2.5/3/3.5% physical resistance and +1.5/2/2.5/3% weapon speed.


R - Against all Odds


ACTIVE: Instant self cast ability that upon activation, removes debuffs from Allies in a 6u radius once, granting them +10/15/20% Physical damage, and additional attack damage equal to 6/8/10 times the number of enemy units in a 12u radius. Lasts 6s. Caps at 15 enemy units. Moderate-high cool down and high energy cost.


Additionally, Fenix gains full stacks of Pneumatic Legs when activated.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Megalith Hero Concept





Hero Model: Megalith (rescaled to 55%)


Suggested Name(s): Ouranous.Megalith, Arges.Megalith, Kronos.Megalith


Attribute/Role: INT Hard Support


Basic Attack Animation: Incendiary Beam


Quick summary: High INT and INT gain, Moderate STR and STR gain, and very low AGI and AGI gain. Moderately fast walk speed.





HP - The Time Machine


PASSIVE: Whenever Allied heroes in a 10u radius cast an ability, they gain 2.5% Timescale for 3s. While enemies in a 10u radius lose 2.5% Timescale for 3s whenever they cast an ability.


This timescale bonus is doubled for Ouranous (5% Timescale for 3s). Stacks with itself. Does not proc on active item abilities.


Q - Retrograde


ACTIVE: Target enemy heroic unit ability that teleports them to where they were 4 seconds ago, dealing 100/150/200/250 + (60% INT) spell damage upon arrival, and an additional 25 + (25% INT) Spell Damage for every unit of distance between the two points. Cast range 6/8/10/12u. Low to mooderate cooldown and high energy cost.


The return position is clearly marked prior to the arrival of the target enemy unit. Has a interruptable 1.25s channel time.


W - Dilation Field


ACTIVE: Target point ability that creates a 3.5/4/4.5/5u radius distortion field at a target location that slows the movement and attack speed by 20/25/30/35% and cooldowns by 50% for enemies caught inside. Lasts 7s. Cast range 8/10/12/14u. Low to moderate cooldown and moderate energy cost.


Note: Utilizes animations similar to old Zera chronosphere bubble or old Mothership/Oracle dilation field ability.


E - Chrono-Lock


ACTIVE: Target allied unit heroic ability that removes debuffs once and delays all damage and healing they receive for 3/4/5/6s. All delayed damage and healing is delivered as a single instance at the end of the duration. Cast range 6u. High energy cost and cooldown.


R - Temporal Tempest


ACTIVE: Target point ability that generates a 6u radius temporal storm at a target location. Enemies caught within the AoE are silenced, have their cooldowns reduced by 10/15/20s per second, and are dealt 50/80/110 + (30% INT) spell damage per second. Effects cease immediately as soon as enemies exit AoE. Lasts 7s. High energy cost and cooldown.












Pictured: Megalith model rescaled along with suggested animation for 'Temporal Tempest' ultimate (Xel'Naga Psionic Storm Cloud Doodad)

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Defiler Concept Hero


This is actually a modified and repurposed old Viper hero concept I had (that was one of the winners of the hero competition here before Whale/I decided that my original Corruptor hero concept for RoA was a more suitable replacement). The Defiler unit is one of my all-time favorite SC units (hence why its designed skill set remains somewhat true to the original unit). So glad that Blizzard finally completed the model (which has been lying dormant and unfinished in the game's data banks for years now). So hopefully, you will find it in you to bring this character to life!




Hero Model: Defiler


Suggested Name(s): Thakras.Defiler (This is an actual character from SC1)


Attribute/Role: INT Caster, Support, but most importantly Space/Lane control.


Basic Attack Animation: Same as Yig


Quick summary: High INT and INT gain, Moderate STR and STR gain, and very low AGI and AGI gain. Moderately fast walk speed.





HP - Sacrifice


ACTIVE: Consumes a target allied non-heroic unit, instantly gaining energy equal to 70% of their current health and -15s cooldown reduction. Denies 100% of their XP. Low-moderate cooldown and no energy cost.


Can target player owned heroic units/structures ('Spoilers').


Q - Plague (or Bile Storm)


ACTIVE: Showers a 4.5u radius area with 6 waves of corrosive bile, each wave deals 50/60/70/80 + (25% INT) spell damage. Deals maximum 300/360/420/480 + (125% INT) spell damage.


Waves fall at 1s intervals. Spell Damage ignores shields. Cast range 10u. Moderate cooldown and moderate-high energy cost.


Note: Utilizes Ravager Corrosive Bile spell animations (but visually speaking, several of them rain on an area in waves of 5-8 at a time instead of just 1).


W - Dark Swarm


ACTIVE: Spawns a 4/4.5/5/5.5u spore cloud that renders allied units underneath untargetable/invulnerable to ranged attacks and target unit abilities by enemies outside the cloud. Enemies inside the cloud lose allied vision for the duration they are in the cloud. Lasts 6/7/8/9s. Cast range 8u. Low-moderate cooldown and moderate to high energy cost.


Allies are still susceptible to attacks normally from enemies within the cloud, and from target point abilities and splash damage. Allied structures (Except Spoilers) and enemy structures are unaffected by Dark Swarm and will target/be targeted normally.


Note: Utilizes Defiler’ Dark Swarm spell animations (orange clouds).


E - Spoils of War


ACTIVE: Spawns a Spoiler (structure) at a target location under Defiler’s control. Cast range 3u. Low cooldown and moderate energy cost.

  • Spoilers have 300/425/550/675 + (18*Lvl) health, 3.5 movement speed (when uprooted), 7 attack range (when rooted, disarmed when uprooted), 3 attack speed, deal 25/30/35/40 + (25% INT) weapon damage (+5 vs structures), 50% physical & spell resistance, and +2 health regeneration (+8 when rooted). Spoilers' innate passive ('Spoil') causes their basic attacks to reduce target's physical and spell resistance by 10% for 2 seconds (non-stacking). Spoilers must uproot to move and can only attack when rooted. Spoilers last 50s. Max 3 Spoilers at a time.

R - Defilement


ACTIVE: Single target debuff enemy heroic ability that silences their active abilities and mutes their items, dealing 1.5/2/2.5% of their Max Health as spell damage per second. This spell damage is doubled if the target enemy hero remains within 6/8/10u of Defiler or his Spoilers. Lasts 10s. This debuff can be blocked, but cannot be dispelled by anything once applied. Very high energy cost and very high cooldown.









Pictured: Thakras, the Defiler and his Spoilers.

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I would like to introduce new heroes


-> Izsha (Leviathan)

I do not know, which ability! maybe late I have good idea?!?!


-> Mira Han

-> Matt Horner (Wife Mira Han)

-> Valerian Mengsk?



-> Vulture

-> Liberator

-> Cyclone

-> Ravager

-> Adept

-> Disruptor


Aos have 7 tanks! I think the next new tank "Felix" or other hero after tournament?


-I would want that Kerrigan ability changes! I often play Kerrigan coop and I like this ability! Kerrigan rework or?

Kerrigan should be a queen!

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Micro, rancor, unix. Rancor and unix would be almost perfect utility heroes but aos items make it too easy for them to be burst assassins. Micro tanky utility.

Geneva needs competition.


You bring up geneva when rory is the original utility sup, For shame


You just hate him cuz he can kill 3-4 heroes in a 1v5 :D

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Rory isn't utility support (nor is the hero he is copied from, DotA's Witch Doctor for that matter). He can be played as a support, but he isn't a utility support.


Egon, Geneva, and to some extent Yig, and possibly even Immo would be the closest things to utility supports in AoS. Rancor has utilities but he isn't a true utility support. I guess a defining feature for a utility support is that their skillset is mostly geared towards the direct benefit of their team rather than to the direct detriment of the enemy team. This doesn't necessarily mean a defensive skill set.


Abathur from HotS is a solid example of a utility support. Treant from DotA is another.

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