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Wards and other support-oriented suggestions


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Just gonna put all these in one thread since they are all seemingly related:


- TS wards should provide 0 vision.


- The bounty for destroying Enemy sentry and TS wards should be half their price, 37-38 and 75 respectively. This will help motivate active warding and dewarding.


- I can't remember what is the health of wards but it should require a fixed number of hits to be destroyed. 3 hits by heroes and 6 by non-heroic for example.


- Allied and enemy sentry/TS wards should have a minimap icon. There are many reasons why this suggestion should be considered, the main one is because it really helps with warding and dewarding (which is an unpronounced war that support heroes engage with one another in). The other reason is due to the nature of the new terrain, hiding wards in blind spots is very easy but this way at least they will appear on the minimap if detected. I recommend using the Xel'Naga Watch Tower minimap icon from SC2 melee.






- Aura/Support items should be announced to the team in the same fashion purchasing wards or TS is announced. It's a small thing that can go a long way in pubs. The main items that qualify are:


1- Flare

2- CoA

3- Korhal

4- Buffer

5- Silver Soul

6- Kassia

7- Chilling

8- Eternal Drive

9- Omniscience


- Speaking of Omniscience TEEHEE! '>_>


- If Whale didn't tell me I would've never known from the game itself that you can 'transport' to wards. I recommend one of two things, keep this ability unique to TS wards (in light of what was suggested above) and make sure the tooltip makes a note of it. Alternatively, introduce a new specialized item for this specific purpose. Something like:


Beacon (25)


Places an invisible timed beacon on the ground or attaches it to an allied non-heroic unit, extending the cast range of the 'transport' talent to them.



- Slightly unrelated but the game should really notify you (via text and minimap) every time one of your towers is under attack or one of your towers gets destroyed. I remember it used to, but not sure what happened there.

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