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Changelog v1.332


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-Add new OP terrain made by Jessika



Game Systems:

Added Blizzard's Ping Panel (Defend/Attack/On My Way/Retreat)

Rune Creep Respawn time: 90s -> 70s

Zealot/Roach/Stalker/Locust no longer increase in spawn count

Zealot/Roach HP Scaling per upgrade: 10 -> 18

Stalker/Locust HP scaling per upgrade: 7.5/10 -> 15

- Fixed Locusts scaling higher than Stalkers




Boundary Scanner: No longer reveals structures (tumors/wards/mines...etc)

Asura's Guise Spell Leech: 18% -> 20%

Truesight Ward Vision Radius: 12u -> 6u (Detection radius remains the same)

Flare Cost: 50 -> 30; Range: 48 -> 60; Duration 5s -> 25s

Argus: Spell Damage Bonus: +20% -> +17.5%




Base Damage: 25 -> 32

E - Creep Echo Spell Damage: 10/ 15/ 20/ 25 (+8% INT) -> 5/ 8/ 11/ 14 (+3%INT)

- AoE: 4u -> 3u

R - Damage Amp +2.5/u -> +1.5/u

- Max Damage Amp 75% -> 100%

- Totem Health scaling 25*LVL -> 40*LVL

- Spell Damage Scaling: 50% -> 40%



Q - Energy gain 20/ 25/ 30/ 35 -> 14/ 20/ 26/ 32

E - Cast on unit Cooldown 12s -> 15s

EE - Slow: 99% -> 60%

EEE - MS: 30% -> 15%.

- Knockback distance slightly reduced.

WW - Damage 60/ 90/ 120/ 150 (+60% INT) -> 60/ 80/ 100/ 120 (+50% INT)



W - Shield Scaling: 15% -> 12%



Q - Spell Damage per sec: 10/ 20/ 30/ 40 -> 10/ 18/ 26/ 34

W - Max damage increase: 40% -> 25%

- CD 2.2s -> 3.5s



HP- Damage 4-14% Max Health -> 2-7% Max Health. Deals Double Damage if enemy is below 40% health.

Q - Now targets a point and lifts the first enemy hero he encounters.

- Slowed Dash speed a bit

- No longer applies On-hit effects

- Range 3.5u/ 4u/ 4.5u/ 5u -> 5u/ 5.5u/ 6u/ 6.5u

E - Heal from Heroes: 30/ 45/ 60/ 75 (+45% Weapon Damage) -> 26/ 38/ 50/ 62 (+40% Weapon Damage)

R - Now only marks the attacker with Warrior's Edge.

- Knockup Duration slightly decreased.



Q - Duration 8s -> 12s

- Heal per sec: 20/ 30/ 40/ 50 -> 14/ 20/ 26/ 32

- Stack Bonus: .3 -> .12

- Only Allies attacks proc the bonus damage

W - Shield Duration: 3s -> 2s

- Cast Range: 7 -> 6

- Damage Health Scaling: 3% -> 2%/ 2.5%/ 3%/ 3.5%

R - Effect is halved if cast on yourself.

- Duration 8s -> 6s



R - CD: 150/ 130/ 110 -> 120/ 110/ 100



R - Cast Time .7s -> 0s (Stevie still takes 1.7s to attack)



Q - Deals True Damage -> Spell Damage

- 50% of Damage ignores Spell Armor



R - Delay 2.4s -> 2s (to match the tooltip)



W - Swamp Trap River Racer Bonus now lasts 1s from 8s



Q - Damage Amp: 10%/ 13%/ 16%/ 19% -> 8%/ 10.5%/ 13%/ 15.5%



W - No longer makes him untargetable or removes tower aggro



HP - Damage Scaling 75% STR -> 100% STR

E - Reworked:


Gain Armor and Spell Armor per nearby enemy hero up to 3x.

Armor and Spell Armor: 6/ 8/ 10/ 12


Gain Movement Speed for 3.5 seconds which doubles when facing enemy heroes.

- Movement Speed: 8%/ 12%/ 16%/ 20%

R - STR Bonus +20/ +40/ +60 -> +30/ +50/ +70

- Lowers CD of HP by 2s/ 4s/ 6s



Q - INT Scaling per sec 30% -> 40%



Q - Cast Time Removed

W - Search range: 8u -> 10u

- Time between bounces .35s -> .2s

R - Cast Time .75 -> .3

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I really don't like corona getting buffed, she should remain situational like before, no one plays her because she has noticeable flaws of being easy to kill, but she really owns if played right

If you would ask people how strong corona is, they would likely say she sucks compare to other casters, they obviously never seen a corona murder everyone and they underestimate her already... Then she gets buffed -> nerfed again into obscurity, people have to make sure they are safe -> predict where enemies will go

Yeah revert the bounce interval

Edited by accountzZ
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Good patch in general


What's these nerf all skills at once patches ( looking at egon), Obviously he was very strong before, strong but underplayed. Now I doubt you'll see him at all.



Keeping the same prices for normal ward, scanner and truesight ward after all of them was changed drastic seems strange


Basically the normal ward got buffed.

Scanner got nerfed

True sight ward hard to tell, but in comparison with the normal ward I'd say it's now to expensive for what it does compared with what normal ward.


In other words I'm suggesting a price change since the items was changed a lot.



Adam heroes are still OP, but hey, before we had Redhydra ninjabuffing raynor, now we have ADAM making op heroes that he plays himself, every game =)

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Yay I no longer have to fear getting rekt by Alarak! Love the patch! Thanks Adam! One small thing I noticed while playing Rancor is his heroic passive (50% refund on consumables) is not working with elixirs, is that intentional?


Do you mean everytime you buy one or whenever you buy one with full inventory (and it immediately uses itself). There was or is a long time bug where he would not get the refund when purchasing with a full inventory.

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Do you mean everytime you buy one or whenever you buy one with full inventory (and it immediately uses itself). There was or is a long time bug where he would not get the refund when purchasing with a full inventory.


Yeah seems to be most consumable items (except wards & flare) and doesn't matter which slot or if your inventory is full.



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oh yeaaa aa micro most damage in and out, must be auto'd right




well I mean it was a 2v4 soooo their damage out is limited


Lol! Ridiculous!


Who needs DPS heroes when your tank can AA this hard.



Btw Adam, is there any update on why Lurker's AA animation is missing? Currently, it can be very broken, especially if you are listening to music or playing without game sound (it's the only giveaway that he is attacking).

Edited by Jessika
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