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Aeren for Admin - for the sake of SEA timezone players


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NA server needs an admin during SEA timezone. Scenarios where this would have been ideal:


- when phantom was broken

- when loveryouself rqs and drops all items

- when Alarak was broken


Aeren is always active and rarely rages, also contributed a lot to forums, tourneys and IHs.


Also, if someone can start the IH culture during SEA timezone, it's Aeren.


Aeren for Admin ^^

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I've personally seen more than one account uPren


bnet lnik of todays loveyourself

I mean... you're saying you've seen more than one account and im 100% SURE thats complete bullsht

he's been using same account over and over and you've done nothing about it

That's exactly what happened

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I thought about explaining the truth to you but you already decided that you're right regardless of the truth. Just because you believe it, doesn't make it reality.


i didn't say i believe it

I said it's true

i've been checking his profile link for few monthes

it has been all same

here's proof


YOU are the one who's lying here NOT me

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