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Changelog v1.319-1.330


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Made some cosmetic changes.


Added Vindicator.Alarak





Warrior's Edge

HP[Passive: Basic attacks Mark enemies for 7 seconds. Abilities consume these marks, dealing Bonus Physical Damage. Max 125 Damage to Bosses.


Physical Damage: 4(+.6*LVL)% Target Max Health


Vengeful Assault

Q:[Target Unit] Dash to a target enemy carrying them into the air, then into the ground up to 4.5 units towards your cursor. Applies On-hit effects and deals Physical Damage to the target.


Physical Damage: 20/ 50/ 80/ 110 (+30% Weapon Damage)

Range: 3.5u/ 4u/ 4.5u/ 5u

Cooldown: 22/ 21/ 20/ 19



W:[Activate, 3u AoE]: Deal Physical Damage to enemies. 20% of this damage ignores armor.


Physical Damage: 30/ 45/ 60/ 75 (+50%/ 65%/ 80%/ 95% Weapon Damage)

Cooldown: 5.5/ 5/ 4.5/ 4


Battle Fury

E[Passive]: Whenever Warrior's Edge is consumed, Alarak Heals and reduces the cooldowns of his abilities.


Heal from Creeps: 15/ 21/ 27/ 33 (+25% Weapon Damage)

Heal from Heroes: 30/ 45/ 60/ 75 (+45% Weapon Damage)

CDR: 1s/ 1.5s/ 2s/ 2.5s


Contra Void

R[Activate, 1x8u Linear AoE]: For up to 2 seconds block the next source of damage over 50, unleashing a wave of energy towards the target that knocks up enemies, marks enemies with Warrior's Edge, and deals Physical Damage.


Physical Damage: 125/ 200/ 275 (+125% Weapon Damage)

Cooldown: 100/ 90/ 80





Fortify Duration 1.5s -> 2.25s

Recover CD: 420s -> 360s




HP - 10% Max Health -> 8.5% Max Health

E - CD: 19/ 18/ 17/ 16 -> 21/ 20/ 19/ 18



R - Pillar Scaling 10% -> 7.5%



Q - 3% Max Health -> 3% Current Health

W - Energy Drain: 10% -> 7%




Phantom Menace: Duration 2.5s -> 1.75s. Damage 30% -> 25%. Movement Speed 30% -> 20%. CD: 10s -> 20s


Parallax: Proc duration, 2s -> 3s. Should now block Knockups.

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Pretty sure Cyprus can still one shot everyone. The game wouldn't have hero select screen for us last night after I patched on America. That's what's broken.


As far as the damage goes it's not as simple as the ability is dealing triple damage. Just know that he's dealing more damage than he should

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Great changes, thanks for the Phantom nerf in particular.


Re: Alarak


It's a tight design but I feel his design is too similar to existing heroes (Artanis comes to mind first), and doesn't really bring anything new to the table. He's just strong, and independent but nothing else. I actually noticed this earlier with some of the other new heroes that were made during my absence but didn't want to say anything. I feel too many of them have heals, blinks or some other hard mobility spell, and AoE damage. It just feels repetitive. Having said that, this really comes to personal taste. Some people prefer the LoL hero design philosophy (where everyone can do everything), and I'm personally biased towards the DotA design philosophy (which Ecko was a fan of in the beginning) where heroes have more pronounced strengths and weaknesses and are more interdependent (stressing the importance of combos and drafts even further).


Either way, good job and ty

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