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Lobby Glitch with new Blizzard Patch


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Hi all,


Has anyone figured out a sure way of overcoming this glitch with the new patch?


I thought Aeren posted something about this already, if so please delete this post.


The only way we got a game going yesterday was with a private lobby 4v4 after about a dozen attempts yesterday.


However today, SCV and I were in a 5v5 pub game. I just tried a 5v5 pub game and it glitched (game would not start, remake lobby).


What is the secret?



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What about this. Why not make till fix that lobby is filled like for example in sqtd? Every time player joins its gonna be different team so its same number, for example P1 joins T1, P2 joins T2 etc, Im pretty sure u know this

This way games could be started 4v4 most times(I say most times cuz if big premade joins it might end up with 5 players in 1 team)

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